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Author Topic: Ability to archive old photos/Remote storage  (Read 4065 times)

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Ability to archive old photos/Remote storage
« on: September 08, 2004, 12:26:49 am »

I was thinking about what takes up a huge amount of space on my hosting account. Its obviouslyy the pictures which is the major reason of me using Coppermine. Recently I've bee deleting the largerst version of the photos and leaving the midsize and thumbnal for viewing.
Idea #1 would be that a page would come up if said image no longer exists that says "Image has been archived" with maybe an admin email for request if you wanted to get fancy.
Idea #2 Would be some way marking a picture for archive and giving a reference to where the original file will now be located. This link could even show up in the frame generated by idea #1. This may be too far and above the Coppermine ideal but it'd be cool.
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Re: Ability to archive old photos/Remote storage
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2004, 08:38:19 am »

You're not meant to manually remove the full-size originals from your webspace using ftp, as this will (as you discovered) lead to broken links. Instead, you're suppossed to use the "Delete original size photos (1)" option from the admin tools, as this will clean your coppermine database as well, so the links to the removed large pics will be removed as well in the process.
In fact, what you request is coppermine to be able to handle 404 errors, which is not that easily achieved. We're working on a feature that will enable the admin to have the full-sized pic removed during the upload process (leaving only the intermediate and thumbnail on the webserver), which will hopefully go into the next version of coppermine.
In fact, I'm sorry I have to turn your request down, since you only get the broken links because you don't play by the rules (remove the full-sized links from the db as well).

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