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Author Topic: Show up all the blocks from an album caption by one in the file 'theme.php'  (Read 2936 times)

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I would like to ask if there is a way to display all the blocks from an album caption by one in the file 'theme.php', without having to edit files from the 'include' folders. I found a way to show up such blocks like "Album Title", "File Size", "File Title" and "File Width & Height".

Code: [Select]
if (in_array($aid, $album_types['albums'])) {
     $params = array(
     '{CELL_WIDTH}' => $cell_width,
     '{LINK_TGT}'   => "thumbnails.php?album={$thumb['aid']}",
     '{THUMB}'      => $thumb['image'],
     '{CAPTION}'    => $thumb['caption'],
     '{ADMIN_MENU}' => $thumb['admin_menu'],
     '{ALBUMS_TITLE}'    => $thumb['title'],
     '{IMAGE_TITLE_WIDTH}'    => $thumb['pwidth'],
     '{IMAGE_TITLE_HEIGHT}'    => $thumb['pheight'],
     '{FILE_TITLE}'    => floor($thumb['filesize']/1024),

Code: [Select]
<span class="thumb_title thumb_title_title">

<span class="imagesize">

<span class="filesize">

But I cannot show up such blocks like "Album Views" and "Album Time". I tried to get some pieces out of this code from the file "", but nothing worked

Code: [Select]
if (in_array('ctime', $must_have)) {
    $caption .= '<span class="thumb_caption thumb_caption_ctime">' . localised_date($row['ctime'], $lang_date['lastup']) . '</span>';

Code: [Select]
if ($CONFIG['views_in_thumbview'] || in_array('hits', $must_have)) {
  $views = ($mode == 'albums') ? $row['alb_hits'] : $row['hits'];
  $caption .= '<span class="thumb_title thumb_title_views">' . sprintf($lang_get_pic_data['n_views'], $views) . '</span>';

Tell me, please, is there a way to do it by editing the file 'theme.php' of my theme? If I explained it badly, let me know.
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