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cpg_pms v2.0 : Blank Screen after Send


No Answers in German Forum, so I'll try it this Way.

Any Ideas whta's going wrong with my Plugin ?
Plugin would working fine but after push "Send" Button I'll get blank (white) Screen.
Massage would be send and also Received.

Debug Mode didn't show any Errors

Best Regards

Phill Luckhurst:
Usually when you get a blank screen, that shows your server is setup to hide any visible errors. This can be good for security, but not so good for easy debug when there is a problem

Create the error then look on your servers error logs for the time you created the error. That should reveal more details of the problem.

A link to your site will also help us take a look.

Hi Phil

Thank you for Replay

All Functions of Gallery and also PMS Plugin are working fine.
Just when sending PM via PMS I'll get WHITE Screen after push "Send" Button.
The PM would be sendet to Receiver and he also get the Massage.
The Massage also shown in my "Outbox" and in his "Inbox".
He also get Notification via Email.

But I don't know why wouldn't redirect to previous Site afte push Send Button.

No Errors are shown in Dubugging Logfile.


German thread:,79553.0.html

Works as expected on my local testbed (cpg1.5.46 with cpg_pms v.2.1). As you're currently running cpg1.5.40 with cpg_pms v2.0, please upgrade both your gallery and the plugin. Maybe this already fixes the issue.

Hi Αndré

I will try it and Report the Result as soon as possible.

Thank you



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