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Display Categories Issue from Voting Plugin


When I try to view albums in a category I get this error:

I assume it's because of the voting plugin?

--- Code: ---While executing query 'SELECT *, COUNT(v.aid) AS album_votes FROM ntvd_album_votes AS v
                INNER JOIN ntvd_albums AS r ON r.aid = v.aid
                INNER JOIN ntvd_categories AS c2 ON c2.cid = category WHERE (c2.lft BETWEEN 11 AND 12) AND (1 OR keywords like '%Pod%')
                AND r.aid IN (SELECT DISTINCT aid FROM ntvd_pictures)
                GROUP BY v.aid
                ORDER BY album_votes DESC, v.aid DESC
                 LIMIT 0 ,16' in plugins/album_voting/codebase.php on line 129

mySQL error: Unknown column 'keywords' in 'where clause'

--- End code ---

Phill Luckhurst:
Does the error go away if you disable the plugin?

Yes, I probably should have mentioned that.  :P

I cannot replicate the issue. Please post a link to your gallery where we can see the issue. The plugin itself doesn't add the "keywords" column to the query, but it is added by $RESTRICTEDWHERE. The keyword column is part of the cpg_pictures table, which is not included in the query.


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