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Ten Year Old Gallery is Broken

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I built this 40,000 picture galley myself, and have never had a problem.  But now it's broken, with code showing at the top and info attached to the wrong photos.    I would appreciate if someone would take a look and tell me if it is fixable.  I can pay for help but have no idea how bad the problem is and/or if it would be worth big money.  This Gallery is the child I never had.  Please help.

Link to gallery, please.

Private message sent

Thanks for the link. You can apparently see more than I can ... all I see are error messages.

But I was able to determine that your Coppermine Photo Gallery is seriously out of date. You are running version 1.5.16, which is from 15 releases ago. The current 1.5.x series is at 1.5.46 and the 1.6.x series is fast being adopted to cope with changes that hosts are making. Your GoDaddy account probably had changes made to it that are causing your issues. It is important to keep website software updated to avoid security issues and, in this case, avoid the huge effort needed to recoup a failing site that is grossly out of date.

The good news is that, once brought up to date, your gallery should be fine.

Thank you for your time and advice.


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