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Can't Coppermine into Mambo. Please help me!


I know I'm asking for a lot but we are a non-profit organization who has not been able to get any funding.  Our name is Hmong Village, Inc. and website is  Our heart is to help, share and preserve the Hmong people and their culture.  It is a rapidly dying culture and we are trying to at least preserve it if not keep it.

All I'm asking is for someone to install the latest version of Coppermine to our Mambo site.  We have been praying for help and I was able to find a Tech but now he says that he is getting swamped at work.  In fact, he was hosting me but said that he couldn't any more.  Now I'm left all to myself.  I don't even know HTML!!  :o

Please someone help.  You can e-mail me if interested or feel free to post it here.  I check my email often and will come in here when I can.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Your link is not working.

Mambo is quite old and has been undeveloped for some time now.

Phill Luckhurst:
I would add, mambo has a lot, and I mean a lot, of very easy to compromise security issues. You really should look into updating to something newer.


Phill Luckhurst:
Not quite sure what your link is meant for?


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