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Problem plugin easyrotate.

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The easyrotate plugin does not work to rotate images, it makes me all black images.
Is there a solution ?
Can we prevent rotation of images in portrait mode?
GIC: 1.5.46
Thank you very much in advance.

Since you are updating your CPG, you may want to consider going to version 1.6.03. It is ready for the newer PHP versions and has an auto-orientation feature that will rotate images during upload.

Thank you,
I updated to the 1.6.03 and indeed the light images are put correctly, heavier images in portrait do not pass, those landscapes yes.  :-\

Auto-orientation relies on the image having a correct tag in the EXIF part of the uploaded file. If you have some images that may not have correct EXIF, you'll have to rotate them manually either before or after uploading.

I will remake a new and clean install on 1.6.03.
But the concern is that a light image goes well, not a heavy image, it does not download.


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