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Author Topic: Hello from Poland - phpbb3 forum fast picture adding solution  (Read 2804 times)

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Hello from Poland - phpbb3 forum fast picture adding solution
« on: January 15, 2017, 01:11:21 pm »

Hello from Poland

I am a new user of your gallery and I managed to bridge it to my forum, I have created a testing forum for playing around. The link of the testing forum is here and I can provide the acp login for further help if anyone wished to.

This is a copy of the board for the HONDA CX500 users in Poland. People have asked me for a long time to include a gallery because some of them are just elders and they find it difficult to add pictures with third-party sites through IMG insert option, and not only that we want to benefit from having our own independent gallery.
 Unfortunately, they are even more unlucky than it seems I guess because they somehow ended up with an unskilled administrator in my own flesh  :( :(  ;D All in all, I really want to do something for them and the whole situation led me here.

So... I have successfuly managed to bridge your gallery with the testing site, created a menu button for it and I am also preparing a customized style now so it will match the looks of the main forum. Anyway, I would like to have 2 or 3 things sorted out, I have been lurking all the morning now and it seems the things that take you 5 minutes, take me 3 days or are just impossible to perform - I am not a programmer anyway, just a regular and user. ouch :-X So

For one, I would like to have random pictures displayed on the forum - this I understand I must do with the CPMfetch mod... I am working to add a new bottom bar on the forum to include the CPMfetch mod code so with this perhaps I will cope finally... but...

Is it possible, for my users, to be able to add pictures into the forum fast through some bbc script/button?? I think, apart from memeber list bridge - it would be the next, most logical and desired function of bridging which the coppermine lacks.

I mean, being logged as a user and having your own album created in the gallery, the bbc button that would give you a chance to choose a file from the "start a new topic page" that would just get saved in your album while being given a ready code to insert without even opening the gallery??? That would work in the same way as adding an attachment?
Or I just thought if I could do it in such a way... I mean.. to create  separate albums for each of the forum category (trips/meetings/technical) and when writing a post in let's say a technical catagory, pictures would automatically be added to the album assigned for the given category and not anywhere else? This would give me an option to disable user albums - they not that necessary anyway because all we need is a forum support gallery.

The problem now is, if I tell people now that we do have a gallery, but... first go there, add your pictures to the albums, then insert the links through the IMG again... - they will be disappointed. After all, they want to have it easy.... at least some of them.

This is I would the first part I would like to have clarified....

thank you and sorry for any trouble.


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Re: Hello from Poland - phpbb3 forum fast picture adding solution
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2017, 05:39:02 pm »

Sorry for the late reply. Do you still need help with this? Regarding the IMG tag, there are plugins that prepare either BBCode per picture or per album, which just need to be copied to your board - but this still needs to be done manually.
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