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Problem sending mails using smtp


I have problems setting the mail function... for example to send an email if a users forget his password...

I have a microsoft exchange server...

In this moment, in the coppermine configuration... I can specify this information:

* smtp host:
smtp username
smtp password

* But I'm not able to set this configuration.. That I have configured in other applications (and email work) for example in joomla (I attach an image with the configuration)
smtp security

* smtp authentication (SSL/TLS, STARTLS or none)
smtp port (I need to specify the port, maybe this is not working because coppermine is working by default under another port)
from name (this is opcional, it should be nice to set this funtion...
from email (This is important, because we have a rule in our mail server... that the "from email" have to be the same that the username of the smtp account)

Coppermine uses the PHPMailer class to send emails. Open include/, find

--- Code: ---var $Port        = 25;
--- End code ---
and try if it works if you edit that port manually.

Still not working... i tried to edit the parameters... and set true the SMTPDebug parameter...

And still nothing...

Nothing in the log file too... I dont know how to configured that...

Coppermine uses PHPMailer 2.0.4. May be worth to try a recent version:


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