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This is kind of baffling. An old admin who was changed to "Registered" rather than "Admin" still gets email notifications. I'm checked, changed him back and forth several times, and he's not Category 1 (Admin). Why is he still getting those and what can I do to stop it?


Perhaps the simple answer? Check your gallery config under General Settings...
3rd entry is Gallery administrator email...
As the doc says:

--- Quote ---This email address must not be confused with the email address that correlates to the email address of the gallery administrator's user account. Those email addresses can be identical, but they don't necessarilly have to.
--- End quote ---

That's not it. Nor is the general email in that space (photos@) being forwarded.

The emails go to each of the three admins PLUS this person who used to be an admin but isn't anymore.


--- Quote from: maddogprod on August 04, 2016, 03:41:20 pm ---gets email notifications

--- End quote ---

Which kind of notifications? Please post some examples. Additionally, check if the former admin isn't assigned to the admin group as secondary/additional group.

He gets "A new user with the username "xyz" has registered in your gallery." He might also be getting them when they upload a photo, I'm not certain.

He's Registered only. Not an admin. How could he be assigned to a secondary group? See the attachment


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