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Not receiving email using Contact Form

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I'm trying to set up my contact form on my gallery. Everything appears to be fine and I don't get any errors so it looks like he email gets sent, however, I never get the email. I'll get an email when someone uses the registration form but I don't get anything if the contact form is used. I've tried entering my host info in the email settings of the config tab but I still don't get the Contact form emails. Any suggestions? I'm having a hard time finding anyone else with this issue.

The contact form sends the email to the email address you entered in the config:

This differs from the registration emails, as they're send to all admin users (which are assigned to the admin group). So please check if the email address is set correctly in the config.

I checked and admin email is set correctly. To test it, I sent an email to that address using my Gmail worked.

Please enable logging in the config (if not already enabled). Try to send an email and post the latest row of the mail log.

Thx Andre...will try that and let you know...


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