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Author Topic: questions about keywords from another topic  (Read 2223 times)

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questions about keywords from another topic
« on: December 18, 2013, 03:39:40 pm »

I mistakenly asked these questions inside another topic I started about keywords.  Since I was not supposed to ask more than 1 question, I'm starting this new topic.  Here's a link to those questions, so I don't have to repeat them:,76892.msg371570.html#msg371570.  But god forbid you should reply there!  If you have any reply, please post it here.

But reply should not be necessary, since the following quoted reply from that topic led me to the solution:

That's not true.

Sorry, my mistake. You can enable/disable that feature for non-admins in the config (Allow users to assign album keywords). It was disabled in my gallery, so I mistakenly thought it's an admin-only feature.

Not sure why you want to prevent others from using specific keywords, or why this is so important for you. I suggest to re-read the docs what the album keyword feature is at all. You don't need to use it, if you don't need it.

By the way, we have a "one question per thread" rule. Additionally, your initial issue has been already solved, so please mark your thread accordingly.

I have now re-read the manual about keywords.  I apologize.  I had mis-read this sentence "On the edit files screen, come up with a unique keyword that all those files have in common that a human would not choose as simple keyword."  I thought it said to choose a keyword that "a human would choose as simple keyword".  I think the logical part of my brain caused me to miss the "not" because on the face of it, the instructions to choose a keyword which does NOT represent the album, seems illogical.  I think I read this much "On the edit files screen, come up with a unique keyword that all those files have in common..." and then I skipped on ahead, and didn't read the "not".  I mention this in case it might inspire an edit, in which parts of that sentence might be emphasized (to prevent others making the same mistake).

Also I realize that this new topic does not technically ask a new question, since it was asked in the other topic.  It does answer that question. But I was afraid to post anything more than an apology in that topic, for fear that I would be publicly disciplined again.

So since this question is now solved, I will mark this topic solved (again, to avoid the public discipline).

(And by the way, I had originally marked the other topic solved.  But when I thought I had a followup question which was related to the original question, I marked it unsolved.  I apologize for my mistake in judgement that the 2nd question was a followup question, when apparently it was an entirely different question.)

Note:  The following is a 2nd subject, but does not need to be considered as a question.  So I won't be breaking the 1 question rule in posting it.  I have searched for an appropriate board to post it in, but there is no board for forum issues.  I also thought to use PM, to convey this comment privately.  But I don't seem to have access to Private Messages.  So, I have tried to find a more appropriate way to communicate this comment, but there doesn't seem to be one.  So shame on me, ok?

Perhaps unlike many people, I participate in this forum for 2 reasons.  1 of course is to get help with issues that I have been unable to solve by reading the manual and searching the forum.  The other reason is to contribute to the project, if nothing else (and I certainly have no other skills to contribute) to point out areas in either the program or the manual which might not be entirely clear to new users like me.

Since this is the 2nd or 3rd time I've been told when to mark a topic solved, and since I consider myself a conscientious forum user, who tries to follow the rules as best I can understand, and who considers her questions to be a contribution to the project, I have to say that it seems like "rules" are perhaps a little too strictly enforced here.  After a certain point, don't you think a little compassion is called for?  Maybe you could overlook it, if someone who is clearly struggling to understand, asks a question which they think is related, but which you know is not related.

I can easily understand how you might get tired of answering the same questions, over and over and over again.  Or answering questions which you think are answered in the manual.  But after all, that IS your choice.  Please don't take it out on me.

And thanks for listening.


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Re: questions about keywords from another topic
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2013, 09:58:17 am »

it seems like "rules" are perhaps a little too strictly enforced here
Do you think so? If you have a look at the board rules Joachim created in 2008 and then compare with the threads in our board, you will note, that the majority of all threads don't follow (some or even all of) our board rules. But instead of directing you or whoever to the board rules each time, I usually answer and try to give support anyway. Please keep in mind that Coppermine is maintained by volunteers in their spare time, and we're currently a very small team. The board rules exist to help us to help you.

Please review your referred thread and you have to agree, that your initial question has been resolved with that answer:
Edit theme.php file, and find the line 284. Change the link href="keyword.php".

Any additional addressed issues are hard to find at a later point, that's why we ask you to post just one question per thread.
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