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CPG Release 1.6.26
Correct PHP8.2 issues with user and language managers.
Additional fixes for PHP 8.2
Correct PHP8 error with SMF 2.0 bridge.
Correct IPTC supplimental category parsing.
Download and info HERE

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Author Topic: cpg1.5.22 maintenance release - upgrade recommended  (Read 43449 times)

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cpg1.5.22 maintenance release - upgrade recommended
« on: January 11, 2013, 11:11:34 am »

The Coppermine development team is releasing an update for Coppermine in order to fix several minor issues. All fixes are not security critical, so if your gallery is running fine with cpg1.5.20 you don't need to upgrade. If you are running an older version than cpg1.5.20, you must update to this latest version as soon as possible because of the security impact!

How to update:
Users running versions prior to 1.5.22 should update by downloading the latest version from the download page and following the upgrade steps in the documentation.

If you have problems with this update, please use the Update support board. Do not post your issues to this announcement thread - your post will be deleted without notice.

Why was cpg1.5.22 released?
Since the last release of the cpg1.5.x series a couple of improvements have been added to the SVN repository.

  • Re-arranged packaging steps in English docs
  • Select newly created database during Coppermine installation
  • Changed icon for 'retry' button on installer
  • Fixed 'album has been locked for editing' message for secondary group memberships (thread)
  • Updated Italian language file (user contribution)
  • Updated Brazilian language file (user contribution)
  • Moved comparison from several places to function 'cpg_picture_dimension_exceeds_intermediate_limit'
  • Fixed "newer/older than" search feature
  • Fixed handling of intermediate-sized files in admin tools and during upload (thread)
  • Fixed named anchors in plugin manager
  • Fixed several table width layout issues
  • Fixed several possible MySQL permission issues for bridged galleries
  • Fixed error message 'undefined function gettext()' when using EXIF library (thread)
  • Added plugin hook 'upload_file_name' to batch-add interface
  • Prepared code for user cookie consent (thread)
  • Also reset album views when "Reset view counters" is chosen at the admin tools (thread)
  • Strip unneeded EXIF data before storing it in the database (thread)
  • Updated Danish language file (user contribution)
  • Fixed predefined album name when editing albums at the album manager
  • Added hidden feature to set sort order of albums (thread)
  • Replaced special HTML entities with characters on email subject (thread)
  • Fixed "My gallery" view for user admin mode
  • Made debug output W3C conform (thread)
  • Optimized function 'get_pic_pos'
  • Added hidden feature to toggle the display of the sort buttons on the thumbnail page
  • Use correct language flag for Luxembourgish language file (thread)
  • Order pictures by 'ctime' instead of by 'pid' (thread)
  • Optical improvement of dropdown box at batch-add interface (thread)
  • Fixed typo in French language file (thread)
  • Don't list administrator and guest groups in category manager's "allowed to create albums" dropdown box
  • Hide upload button for guests with upload permission if there's no album with uploads enabled
  • Hide "My gallery" button for guests (thread)
  • Fixed typo in Swedish language file
  • Added form token check to flash uploader (thread)
  • Fixed upload for guests (thread)
  • Fixed formatting of some help pages (thread)
  • Fixed performance issue on intermediate-sized view for large files (thread)
  • Added hidden config option to display all files after flash upload (thread)
  • Fixed album properties "Choose album" drop-down list for regular users
  • Updated docs to reflect changes of Subversion repository
  • Removed category hierarchy string from album drop-down box at several places
  • Removed possible category dupes from album drop-down box at several places (only occur in user mode)
  • Don't use pictures from password protected albums as user gallery icon (thread)
  • Unified album drop-down boxes (thread)
  • Fixed check if user is allowed to edit files in public albums
  • Added button if user is allowed to edit files in public albums (thread)
  • Fixed album ownership of automatically created user albums during user registration (thread)
  • Updated header information to reflect new year

The Coppermine Team
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