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Author Topic: How to hide Album stats like "last updated" and "how often viewed"?  (Read 4641 times)

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Berliner Bloggade

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After severel years I have to completely renew my huge coppermine-gallery into a new site and here I wish to show only the counter for the number of pics in the albums. The other statistics should not be shown on the albums overview-site, this brings to much text-information to it.

I searched several times in the board and web but found now solution ... what would be the best way?

link to my new gallery is

THX for help!


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Re: How to hide Album stats like "last updated" and "how often viewed"?
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2012, 04:23:56 pm »

You have to edit the function theme_display_album_list. Have a look at those threads:

especially at the following code:
Code: [Select]
                '{ALBUM_TITLE}' => $album['album_title'],
                '{THUMB_CELL_WIDTH}' => $thumb_cell_width,
                '{ALB_LINK_TGT}' => "thumbnails.php?album={$album['aid']}",
                '{ALB_LINK_PIC}' => $album['thumb_pic'],
                '{ADMIN_MENU}' => $album['album_adm_menu'],
                '{ALB_DESC}' => $album['album_desc'],
                '{ALB_INFOS}' => $album['album_info'],
                '{ALB_HITS}' => $album['alb_hits'],

Unfortunately "x files, last one added xyz" are stored both in 'album_info', so you have to edit index.php, too. Find,
Code: [Select]
$alb_list[$alb_idx]['album_info'] = sprintf($lang_list_albums['n_pictures'], $count) . ($count ? sprintf($lang_list_albums['last_added'], $last_upload_date) : "") . (($CONFIG['link_pic_count'] && $link_pic_count > 0 ) ? sprintf(", {$lang_list_albums['n_link_pictures']},   {$lang_list_albums['total_pictures']}", $link_pic_count, $count + $link_pic_count) : "");and replace with
Code: [Select]
$alb_list[$alb_idx]['album_info'] = sprintf($lang_list_albums['n_pictures'], $count);(twice).
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