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Author Topic: ImageMagick :: annotate a picture with text  (Read 4647 times)

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ImageMagick :: annotate a picture with text
« on: June 26, 2004, 06:13:24 am »

Not certain if this is the correct forum, maybe feature requests?

I have ImageMagick installed w/ CPG 1.3.0 integrated with phpBB 2.0.8 on a Win2K server.  The command line to add simple text to a pic is:

Code: [Select]
convert -font impact -fill white -pointsize 36 -gravity center -draw "text 0,0 'WWW.MYURLINFO.COM'" 1.jpg 2.jpg
Where 1.jpg is the source pic // 2.jpg is the destination pic and the -draw parameter is the command that actually writes the text on the pic, all the other options are just to make it look purty.  I tried writing the pic back to the same filename and it works also.  

Is there a way to integrate this command line into cpg 1.3.0 - hard coded?  In the Configuration "Command line options for ImageMagick?"  I'd like to see it one the command line options but I'm not certain on how to handle the source && destination filenames.  Any one with any ideas?



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Tarique Sani

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Re: ImageMagick :: annotate a picture with text
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2004, 06:14:16 am »

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