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Author Topic: Web Accessibility and 1.5 Themes  (Read 3236 times)

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Web Accessibility and 1.5 Themes
« on: August 15, 2011, 12:08:17 pm »

its My first post so i'll put it here until I learn all the rules. Maybe somebody can put it in General Discussion...

Web Accessibility and 1.5 Themes

What I am looking for are 1.5.x theme(s) with the best web accessibility features (not full out WAI ARIA, just older WAI stuff and industry best practices.)  I searched around the forums for an hour+ but nothing recent (1.5) came up.

My question: What 1.5 themes should I look at, and which Authors are working on accessible themes?

Possible features I am looking for (could be a future feature request list):

  • Skip Links (my html site currently has hidden skip links based on ideas presented on
  • WAI ARIA Roles (Easy to add and might eliminate skip link users if all new web sites supported Roles)
  • JavaScript Text resizer control/plugin (I can't assume the user knows their browser zoom shortcuts. BTW: very few users surveyed did not enable Js in a recent WebAIM survey, so Js or php text size controls are about equally good.)
  • Contrast levels: 4 types: High contrast normal and inverse (black on white, white on black), plus lower contrast (minimun WAI pass) black on color, and orange/yellow on dark blue.  Theme selector is adequate as a user color-contrast selector.
  • Default font size: medium large minimum 13-16px equivalent for anything that is likely to be read.
  • Minimal theme: As few columns as reasonable (2-3 for table of pics). Background images should not affect text legibility. Controls as simple and easy as possible (example drop down lists that don't work with tab keys are nearly a total fail in my view.)
  • Variable page width: To support various screen widths even some larger mobile devices.  If theme is fixed width it needs to  be narrow (<= 800).
Since I am not yet targeting legally blind screen-reader users, format tables are still acceptable, css generally preferred but not critical.

So far the 1.5 themes I've checked; a few look acceptable on contrast, some on variable width, but none on default font size.
Roles? none found,
Skip links? none found,
Simpler themes? still looking...

All suggestions welcome, but writing a theme from scratch I couldn't commit to presently.
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