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CPG Release 1.6.26
Correct PHP8.2 issues with user and language managers.
Additional fixes for PHP 8.2
Correct PHP8 error with SMF 2.0 bridge.
Correct IPTC supplimental category parsing.
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Author Topic: Dupechecker plugin for cpg1.5.x  (Read 11022 times)

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Dupechecker plugin for cpg1.5.x
« on: March 03, 2011, 10:06:51 am »

Hi everyone.

I finally got around to clean up my little dupechecker plugin. I have been using it for month now and it's working like a charm.

The plugin will generate a md5 hash for every file in the database. When someone tries to upload something, it is checked against the md5 hash and filesize of every existing file. If a duplicated is found the upload is denied.

When you install the plugin in a gallery with existing pictures you will need to hit the "Fill in missing MD5 hashes" button in the plugin manager and let it run. It will not identify existing duplicates though.

v 1.1
  • Fixed wrong plugin hook. Now it really works.
  • Some minor beautifications
v 1.0 Initial release

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Re: Contribution: MD5 Dupechecker Plugin
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2011, 11:47:13 am »

Thanks for your contribution. I added you to the 'Contributor' group, so you can maintain this (and maybe future) announcement threads. Please don't abuse your additional privileges by editing old posts.


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Re: Dupechecker plugin for cpg1.5.x
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2013, 10:31:51 am »

A few bugs with this plug-in. Using the X-treme theme. When the dupe indicator popup window comes up a few times, the secondary popup window where you check to bypass further popup windows during that upload session, is glitchy. The popup windows usually still continue so it becomes necessary to babysit each session. Fixing this to allow more concise options would be a *huge* improvement to an otherwise fantastic plug-in. Also, uninstalled the plug-in as a manual way to disable, and the popup box is STILL ghosting even though it's no longer installed, so is now a major headache. Any help or improvements with this plug-in situation would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Dupechecker plugin for cpg1.5.x
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2015, 06:08:25 pm »


Well, plugin simply does not work for me (fresh copy of cpg 1.5.34). I generated the hashes of all files already online, then tried to upload 3 times the same picture (one by one), every time the pic was added to the album... (same album or various, no change).


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Re: Dupechecker plugin for cpg1.5.x
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2015, 12:07:14 pm »

I just saw in its documentation that
Note: his will only work with the default HTML and Flash upload methodes.
Maybe that's the issue, it would be nice to support and the new HTML5 Upload if that's what you are using. Did you click on "Fill in missing MD5 hashes"?
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