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Author Topic: Problem with slider with/without enlarge it  (Read 3669 times)

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Problem with slider with/without enlarge it
« on: January 12, 2011, 08:55:00 pm »

I have a problem with the slider plugin.
Its visible on my site now at, and the settings i have are as follows

Slider album     Most viewed
Slider width     800px 
Auto fit slider width    yes
Number of pics (10-30)     15
Slider speed    1
Background color (empty = transparent) (empty)     
Skip portait mode pics    yes
Slider align   center
Use EnlargeIt!     no 
Enlarge to    intermediate size pic

The problem is that i dont wish to use enlarge it, but if i dont, it shows the list vertically and hides the other pictures below it covered by the rest of the page.
it then proceeds to scroll the only picture showing, about 5 pixels left and right.

If i install enlarge it to make it work, it works fine, however i then have a problem with enlarge it not showing the pictures on the user galleries so all i can ever get to on the user gallery page is the last uploaded and random pictures, so i dont want to really use enlarge it if i can help it.

I am using ie8 (also tried with compatibility mode on), but havent tried with any other browsers yet.
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