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CPG Release 1.6.26
Correct PHP8.2 issues with user and language managers.
Additional fixes for PHP 8.2
Correct PHP8 error with SMF 2.0 bridge.
Correct IPTC supplimental category parsing.
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Author Topic: The wait is over - Coppermine 1.5.10 [stable] is here  (Read 98212 times)

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The wait is over - Coppermine 1.5.10 [stable] is here
« on: November 27, 2010, 09:58:13 am »

It is with great pride that the Coppermine community announces to the world the immediate availability of Coppermine 1.5.10 stable. As a community of contributors, we have been through celebrations and tribulations. We have had fun, and we have worked hard. We have learned from and helped one another. What started two and a half years ago has grown into what we believe to be the finest PHP photo gallery yet.

People have contributed enormous amounts of time and energy to make Coppermine 1.5.x what it is today. Developers and contributors have collaborated over long distances, around the clock, enthusiastically contributing to the project! Hours writing code combined with intense discussions on everything from usability to extensibility have defined many developers' lives over the last two and a half years. It is not only the developers that have been hard at work but you the community. Without your help testing, translating, requesting features, contributing themes and plugins, supporting others and much more we could never have come this far.

Feature Rich

Over the years the community has contributed modifications and ideas that have added fantastic functionality to Coppermine. We have taken the best of these and added them to the core making this the most complete release yet.

     • Built in Captcha engine
     • Built in Watermark engine
     • New Upload Interface
     • Improved Groups control
     • Improved Category Management tool
     • Drag and drop sorting of albums
     • Improved Search engine
     • New core ‘Curve’ theme
     • Improved image tagging
     • Enhanced plugin engine.


Good documentation is equally as important as good code and the new Coppermine manual has come of age. It is now a mighty tome covering almost everything you will ever need to know about getting your gallery running and then maintaining it. Many hours of work have gone into the docs so if you have questions please take time to review them before asking questions on the forum.
The documentation is an ever growing beast so if you find something that is missing or needs changing then we would love your suggestions or contributions.


     • Package Download
     • A fresh Installation
     • Upgrading from an older version


Once again the community have risen to the challenge. Coppermine now supports a number of languages but we would love to see many more. If you have the language skills then please share your abilities with the community. If often takes just one person to begin translation for others to follow and very quickly we can bring Coppermine to a whole new audience. If you start a translation keep uploading what you have so others can also contribute.

There is a new translation guide that ships with cpg1.5.x that is mandatory to read for potential translators as well as the translation announcement thread "[Help wanted]: Translations for CPG1.5.x".

How else can I help?

With a new plugin engine we are looking forward to seeing what the imaginative Coppermine community can bring us. We have always been amazed by your efforts so keep them coming. The new Curve theme will also hopefully spawn many new community contributions. CPG 1.4.x has an amazing variety of themes and we would like to see 1.5.x surpass that.

Supporting the many users of Coppermine is also a task that everyone can get involved with. The dev team is small but the community is huge. So give yourself a warm fuzzy feeling by helping those in need. Sometimes the smallest tips can make the biggest difference.

What will happen to 1.4.x?

With all the new features of 1.5.x the development team have decided that only security fixes will be applied to 1.4.x in the short term. However, there will come a time when 1.4.x will be laid to rest. While we have yet to decide on a firm date for this to happen, support will be withdrawn at 1st December 2010. With all the new features that 1.5.x brings we firmly believe most users to want to upgrade long before then.

Many Thanks

We would like to thank the whole community for all their efforts over the years. Without your time and expertise we could never have come this far.

We would also like to thank Bytemark for providing the project with their excellent hosting services. A busy website such as this requires a reliable server and we have not been let down.

Sourceforge are also high on the list of people we would love to buy a pint or two for. Without their repository many free, open source projects such as ours would struggle to survive.

What has been changed since the release of cpg1.5.8?

The use of the plugin hook types 'action' and 'filter' have been made consistent. So some 'filters' are now 'actions', which may break the functionality of your installed plugins. That applies to the following hooks:
  • add_file_data_success
  • after_delete_file
  • before_delete_file
  • post_breadcrumb
  • register_form_submit
  • register_user_activation

If you want to verify that everything will work fine, check the .php files of your installed plugins for the usage of that hooks. If it uses one of those hooks, just have a look at the plugin announcement threads if there's a new version for cpg1.5.10. If that's not the case, you can manually replace
Code: [Select]
$thisplugin->add_filter(hook name, function name)with
Code: [Select]
$thisplugin->add_action(hook name, function name)Additionally, you should suggest your changes to the plugin author(s), e.g. by posting in the appropriate announcement thread.

  • Fixed default page when comments are sorted in descending order (thread)
  • Fixed issue with plugin usergal_alphatabs when bridged (thread)
  • Added charsetmgr.php to the delete files array (thread)
  • Fixed admin email address validation (thread)
  • Corrected French lang file to fix the non showing dropdown in the user manager (thread)
  • Fixed search feature in the keyword manager (thread)
  • Added partial Swedish language file (user contribution)
  • Added Italian language file (user contribution)
  • Added Icelandic language file (user contribution)
  • Added language fallback to function cpg_get_default_lang_var (thread)
  • Updated Finnish language file (user contribution)
  • Updated default value of transparent_overlay in configuration.htm (thread)
  • Added code that makes sure mb_strlen actually exists when called (thread)
  • Fixed album manager issue when users aren't allowed to create private albums (thread)
  • Fixed lower case user name issue with plugin usergal_alphatabs (thread)
  • Fixed issue where users can edit public albums (thread)
  • HTML validation (thread)
  • Added partial Portuguese language file (user contribution)
  • Added partial Catalan language file (user contribution)
  • Fixed template error if guests are allowed to create public albums
  • Allow admin to change email address (thread)
  • Fixed issue when regular users try to upload to self-created public albums with simple upload form (thread)
  • Fixed missing classid attribute causing videos not to play (thread, thread)
  • Updated regex to fix error message for blank 'allowed file types' values (thread)
  • Fixed setting email sender address
  • Show 'upload needs admin approval' message for flash uploader (thread)
  • Fixed exif issue when auto resizing is enabled and watermarking is disabled (thread, thread)
  • Optimized picture resizing and watermarking procedure
  • Fixed display of unprocessed bbcode markup in ecard display
  • Fixed registration process if both email verification and admin activation enabled (thread)
  • Fixed error message if uploaded file exceeds dimension limit (thread)
  • Fixed session table name in SMF bridge files (thread)
  • Fixed deprecated message on pluginmgr.php (thread)
  • Fixed critical error on memberlist when bridged (thread)
  • Fixed use of mysql_insert_id (thread)
  • Fixed template placeholder bug that caused cut off tags
  • Updated Swedish language file (previous version was mainly a Danish language file)
  • Added partial Swedish documentation
  • Fixed last visit display in user manager when bridged with SMF2 (thread, thread)
  • Fixed implementation of plugin hook 'ip_information' (thread)
  • Use IPTC headline instead of IPTC title as picture title according to docs (thread)
  • Added additional submit button on top of 'Edit files' form (thread)
  • Added plugin hooks 'after_edit_file', 'upload_html_pre_move' and 'upload_swf_pre_move' (thread)
  • If error occurs during batch-add, show error message and don't redirect automatically (thread)
  • Fixed default selection of check boxes for batch-add (thread)
  • Fixed issue with 'User Gallery Alphabetic Tabbing' plugin when bridged (thread)
  • Skip unknown file types during batch-add process (thread)
  • Added label for 'remember me' checkbox (thread)
  • Removed value 'SERVER_PROTOCOL' from client ID generator (thread)
  • Fixed picture resizing via admin tools (thread)
  • Removed declaration of function 'cpg_folder_file_delete' from update.php (thread)
  • Fixed spelling of ImageMagick (thread)
  • Fixed error message when entering invalid email address in profile manager (thread)
  • Fixed renaming of already added files during batch-add (thread)
  • Fixed picture manager - show user created albums in public categories (thread)
  • No longer specify a MySQL engine - use the server default.
  • Fixed comment approval when editing comments (thread)
  • Add anonymous group if it doesn't exist (thread)
  • Fixed ownership of albums created with xp publisher
  • Consistent use of plugin hook types 'action' and 'filter' (thread)
  • Adjusted/added maxlength parameter for album title/keyword according to database types (thread)
  • Display more batch add error messages
  • Fixed use of intermediate-sized image (thread)
  • Theme 'curve': remove drop-down menu leftover if empty (thread)
  • Added plugin hook 'replace_forbidden_conditions' (thread)
  • No error message for admin during upload if image dimension exceeds configuration value (thread)
  • Always use PHP time when querying the database (thread)
  • Added missing/new plugin hooks to visiblehookpoints plugin
  • Fixed potential security issue during installation (thread)
  • Fixed issue with language manager (thread)

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