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Author Topic: Custom Content / Adsense - Half Solved  (Read 3192 times)

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Custom Content / Adsense - Half Solved
« on: August 05, 2010, 02:03:46 pm »

I am using:


My website is:

Theme is Rainy Day

I have searched the forum, and RTFM many times - Honestly!

Now I know I will get a flame or two for "dredging" this topic once again, but having been thoroughly around the forum and theme "sample" files I have still not found what I would consider a satisfactory/useful answer to this topic.

What I would like to achieve:

Place one content/advert (doesnt matter which) in one strategic position which might differ from page to page...


1 - Between random thumbnails and newest uploads on the index page.

2 - After the category list but before random images

3 - Occasionally at the top of 'most' pages

4 - Occasionally at the bottom of 'most' pages.

NOT in admin pages
NOT on search pages
NOT on login pages
NOT on upload pages
NOT on mail pages

Following the documentation for adding custom content / adsense to each and every page in a Coppermine gallery is easy but pointless and also against adsense TOS.

Following the documentation and adding extra thumbnail rows might be useful for adding a horizontal bar between thumbnails but would also be pointless for content/adsense - why would anybody want repeating sitewide content - if you have 4 rows of random image thumbnails followed by 4 rows of newest thumbnails (a standard display) then you will end up with 4 adsense adverts (against the TOS) or 4 rows of repeating content throughtout your entire site

Yes I did that - it works - it looks horrible.

So what to do?

One suggestion that caught my attention is this thread:,52534.0.html

which is marked as "Solved" and appears to tackle the problem of controling better where content/adsense ads are displayed, however that post is missing a code example image and so anyone following the suggestions will just reach a dead end:

So I would suggest that post be "unsolved" or perhaps deleted for being incomplete unless anyone has a copy of the missing code image.

As for all the other suggestions/posts, around 50% or more are incomplete / web sites no longer exist / out of date / against adsense TOS / irrelevant to the current version of Coppermine; so I can understand why so many people are asking about custom content/adsense.

As GauGau correctly pointed out in several of his answers custom content/adsense are really just pieces of code that could be anything - it could even be a picture, so I can understand  why admins/devs might also get somewhat fed up dealing with requests to on how plaster websites with google adsense ads. Read the documentation, it is all there exactly how to do it if thats what you really want.

However, I am searching for a more refined method for placing my own content (text or images or ads) at a precise location of the Coppermine output and NOT have that displayed at certain other areas as mentioned above. The "anycontent" files are out of the question as they only appear on the home page, Php includes don't work (by design, not because of bugs), custom headers/footers appear on all pages and are not suitable, modifying the template.html and theme.php give results that are too repetitive on each page, and displaying content according to album id (number) is out of the question (my albums will pass 500 in total, and thats just from my old website) so any ideas or pointers where to begin to find a solution?

It seems due to the "looping - reusing" style of Coppermine's output displays that my request might be impossible without some complicated coding and passing of variables, so at this moment I do not expect a full blown coding solution just perhaps a few pointers on how best to tackle this.

Sorry bout being overly "wordy" here - was not my intention to write a book about it, lol  ::)

Best wishes all


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Re: Custom Content / Adsense - Half Solved
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2010, 03:01:22 pm »

The MiniCMS plugin should solve all your requests. Unfortunately it's not yet ported to cpg1.5.x. Please read that thread for more information.
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