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cpg1.5.48 Security release - upgrade mandatory!
The Coppermine development team is releasing a security update for Coppermine in order to counter a recently discovered vulnerability. It is important that all users who run version cpg1.5.46 or older update to this latest version as soon as possible.

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Author Topic: Modifying the menus  (Read 3013 times)

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Modifying the menus
« on: September 18, 2009, 02:51:46 am »

Just stating that I have been reading and playing with this for 5 hours.  Learned alot, but still lost.

I wanted to remove the "Last Comment" & "Top Rated" menu options.  I originally commented them out in but reading the docs, it is recommended against that.  I'm using Rainy day.  I read,24107.0/prev_next,prev.html#new,25197.0/prev_next,next.html#new.

I moved the parts of Sample as instructed and experimenting with the fruity template, it worked fine, but when I moved it over to Rainy Day (actually My_Rainy_Day) obviously the buttons were missing, so I brought in the info for the buttons:

// HTML template for sys_menu
$template_sys_menu = <<<EOT
  <div class="topmenu">
          <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">

// HTML template for template sys_menu buttons
$template_sys_menu_button = <<<EOT
<!-- BEGIN {BLOCK_ID} -->
  <td><img src="images/spacer.gif" width="5" height="25" border="0" alt="" /></td>
  <td><img src="themes/rainy_day/images/button1_r1_c1.gif" width="5" height="25" border="0" alt="" /></td>
  <td style="background-image:url(themes/rainy_day/images/button1_r1_c2.gif)">
          <a href="{HREF_TGT}" title="{HREF_TITLE}">{HREF_LNK}</a>
  <td><img src="themes/rainy_day/images/button1_r1_c3.gif" width="5" height="25" border="0" alt="" /></td>
<!-- END {BLOCK_ID} -->

I then get a blank page.  If I remove the one of the menu "groups" I get a "parsed .... extra }"  If I remove the other one I get something about template error, missing "custom lnk"

I know that it is a simple thing, but I am not seeing it.  Any help would be appreciated.



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Solved: Modifying the menus
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2009, 05:40:29 am »

Ok, I didn't learn anything, but I messed around copying and pasting in different directions and now it works.  I know that it was me missing some thing, but it now works as desired. ;D

I did want to say thanks to all of the people that have worked so hard and long to produce and support this great product. ;D
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