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CPG Release 1.6.26
Correct PHP8.2 issues with user and language managers.
Additional fixes for PHP 8.2
Correct PHP8 error with SMF 2.0 bridge.
Correct IPTC supplimental category parsing.
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Author Topic: cpg1.4.x bridge for Typo3 v 4.3  (Read 7821 times)

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cpg1.4.x bridge for Typo3 v 4.3
« on: September 22, 2009, 03:54:13 pm »

Stefan Osterlitz ( has contributed a bridge file by eMail for the integration of Coppermine with the well-known content management system Typo3 (v4.3). The bridge file (as all genuine bridge files for Coppermine) comes up with a logical integration of Typo3 and Coppermine (in terms of user management). It does not cover visual integration!
The zip file attached to this thread contains the actual bridge file as well as the instructions that Stefan has come up with.

Here's an excerpt of the readme file:

Typo3 Bridge for Frontend Users

- Put "" into "bridge" folder, make executable
- Edit hardcoded paths in "" in lines 93 ff. or hide the Buttons by CSS

- Change the following in "bridge/udb_base_inc.php".
  The naming convention in both cpg and typo3 use "pid", change to "" to disambiguate the queries.
Line 219:
Code: [Select]
      $sql = "SELECT {$f['user_id']} as user_id, {$f['username']} as user_name, {$f['email']} as user_email, {$f['regdate']} as user_regdate, {$f['lastvisi
               "COUNT( as pic_count, ROUND(SUM(total_filesize)/1024) as disk_usage, group_name, group_quota ".
               "FROM {$this->usertable} AS u ".
               "INNER JOIN {$C['TABLE_USERGROUPS']} AS g ON u.{$f['usertbl_group_id']} = g.group_id ".
               "LEFT JOIN {$C['TABLE_PICTURES']} AS p ON p.owner_id = u.{$f['user_id']} ".
               "GROUP BY user_id " . "ORDER BY " . $sort_codes[$options['sort']] . " ".
               "LIMIT {$options['lower_limit']}, {$options['users_per_page']};";

Line 457:
Code: [Select]
                       $sql .= "COUNT(DISTINCT as pic_count,"; // added p.Line 458:    
Code: [Select]
                       $sql .= "MAX( as thumb_pid, "; // added p.
Line 518:
Code: [Select]
$sql .= "COUNT(DISTINCT as pic_count,";
Line 519:
Code: [Select]
$sql .= "MAX( as thumb_pid, ";

- Add to "bridgemgr.php"

Line 544:

Code: [Select]
// POST groups are not implemented, log in/out, edit users via Typo3 components
$default_bridge_data['Typo3'] = array(
  'full_name' => 'typo3',
  'short_name' => 'typo3',
  'support_url' => '',
  'full_forum_url_default' => 'http://localhost/typo3/',
  'full_forum_url_used' => 'mandatory,not_empty',
  'relative_path_to_config_file_default' => '../typo3conf/',
  'relative_path_to_config_file_used' => 'lookfor,localconf.php',
  'use_post_based_groups_default' => '0',
  'cookie_prefix_default' => 'fe_typo_user',
  'cookie_prefix_used' => 'cookie',


- Run Bridgemanager

Further Info:
- Typo3 db login ist taken from localconf.php
- Correct paths have to be set by yourself
- Some paths (login form, logout URI, admin group id) have to be hardcoded in
- BBS groups are not synchronized (no POST-based groups) (If you need this, adapt the code from mambo)

Please understand that the coppermine dev team can not actually support you with issues related to this user-contributed bridge file. We're very fond of the contribution, but we hardly know Typo3.

All credits go to Stefan Osterlitz, the author of the bridge.
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