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Author Topic: Special Characters won't work in "Check versions" help popups  (Read 5866 times)

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I've noticed that all Danish special characters work fine in my gallery, but will not work on the help popups of the "Check versions" page.

Danish text copy:
fil/mappe findes ikke
Filen/mappen &quot;<i>lang/english_gb.php</i>&quot; blev ikke fundet på din server. Selvom den ikke er påkrævet burde du indsende den (brug dit FTP program) til din webserver hvis du oplever problemer.

"på" should be "p"
"påkrævet" should be "pkrvet"

English text copy:
file/folder does not exist
The file/folder &quot;<i>lang/english_gb.php</i>&quot; has not been found on your server. Although it is optional you should upload it (using your FTP client) to your webserver if you are experiencing problems.

Why is that and is there a workaround.
And what is up with &quot;<i>lang/english_gb.php</i>&quot;

Best regards
Mimer  8)

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