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Author Topic: [Invalid]: http upload doesn't work.  (Read 14858 times)

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The Crasher

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Better Support
« Reply #40 on: March 08, 2009, 01:14:50 pm »

hi all
because i cant post in general for 1 of other reason ( i never could) so i am forced to post it here

first of all
the topic that was solved is deleted and merged whit a invalid topic ?? why ?? , was the answers in that post not good ?? wasnt solved by you ?? wasnt a good topic because you feel fustraded and dont want to give credit to some1 who solved the problem ?? (it was a developer that came whit the answer o.O)

then flaming to me ?? , ok i flame to you for 1 simple reason that you know why -.- and i got the right to do that because you just go offtopic and ignore a support request

then i give you the detais of my webhost and you complain that url_fopen not is activated ?? then it means that you dont look to the right place (what els dit i expected if i see the post merging whit a WRONG post ...)

so you post some un usefull information , you ban persones because you cant have it that they are right

if curl works whitout changing a single thing , then it does mean that there is something wrong

and like you probaly know , not every webhost got curl installed (not that it is hard to install -.- )

but to come back to the point
the reason of this trouble is just the way you react and how you response
if you expect nice persones , then be nice
if you look at other forums where you see my name (i got differend names) then you dont see that i dont flame mutch -.- exept if they ask for it

and like i just make 1 post here , and get a lot of commend over it because i am helping some1 to make it easyer in case you dint got it what he meaned (if i readed the respons ) and then getting trouble for making 1 post Huh thats just asking for trouble and you want then that they stay nice

locking a topic just means that you cant handle it , so they cant response on it and means that you just give up (isnt that right ?? )

because when you leave a topic open , if the problem is solved then you dont get a post on it anymore , but if some1 make a post in it then it got a reason (maybe same problem , maybe a other problem )

Then i want to have a other complaining , banning because i post in a topic that is related to me/my client (my clients are related to me , i need to fix them because they ask it to me and i am not allowed to post -.- nice fixing ... jsut like this forum then ...)

for 1 reason i can understand this way of support , because its freeware
but for the same reason does the support need a lot better , specialy from the 2 persones who i got so far

let me explain why (in case you dont know the reason)

1) a free script is populair because its good
2) a free script that isnt good whit bad support = no1 use it anymore in case they got a other solution
2) support is needed to get more persones to it to use it
3) a bad support gives  a bad name if something is wrong , you know how fast a bad name can go (even whit 2.5 mill websites related to the link of coppermine)
4) a good support and a bad script makes a good script (support do a lot , support do everything )
5) a good script and a good support = they never leave and never complain

so , i hope i make my point here

and in case you want to keep you on the rules like you complain to me
This topic is Created by me and i want only a ASNWER from the admin to discuse this point i try to make

deleting this topic just means that you say that i am right and then i find other ways to ask what other persones likes of it (there goes your name Tongue)

only a admin is allowed from me to reply on it because it goes betwean me and the admin (i got trouble whit him so .. he need to reply)

in case you want to lock this topic or want to delete this topic , dont forget to delete the other topic to whit my post in (just do like we dont exist , then you dont need our posts and Questions for other persones if it makes any difference)

so , feel free to leave a reply
in case you still want to ban me ,then go ahead

Greets From The Crasher

The Crasher

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Re: Web Hosting for Coppermine photo Album?
« Reply #41 on: March 08, 2009, 01:24:13 pm »

if i read the first post then you ask what hosting providers supports copppermine

i am 1 of them and you can find it at

but dont expect to mutch support from coppermine itself

normal everything works on it whitout a problem (like video websites , proxy websites , sharing websites , ad servers and so on )

in case of intrest
feel free to take a look at the php.ini to see what i all got installed , in case you need a other module installed , just feel free to ask it

so , you can request a package as low as 0.59$ at

Thank you
Greets From The Crasher

[Edit GauGau] Split from Web Hosting for Coppermine photo Album? and merged with the thread where all the silly postings of "PowerChaos" aka "The Crasher" went to. [/Edit]
« Last Edit: March 08, 2009, 02:21:33 pm by Joachim Müller »

The Crasher

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Re: Better Support
« Reply #42 on: March 08, 2009, 01:52:29 pm »

ok , lets make a deal , like you try to get rid of me
so , stop complaining at me and just give the support we ask

els leave the support for me to some1 els who cares about the support
and stop merging the posts together agains a LOCKED topic (you force us to create a new topic to defend ourself , and then you complain that we make a post   lol  , a bit ironic isnt it ^^)

so , to solve this problem that started whit a support request and ending in a flame

i dont care anymore over it (i never dit ) but i just leave it alone

in case we need support , then i shal just ask it to a developer that can give a solution and that doesnt make a problem if you make a post

banning isnt a solution for the way you act , it just give more trouble then before (you shoulded know it )

to know the exact reason why i created this post and why i am doing so is simple

i just want to defend myself , but you dont give me the option
maybe it was wrong to post a reply for 1 of my clients to help him
but where is a forum for ?? to make reply's and to solve problems
ignoring problems doesnt helps
banning doesnt helps

so, the problem that we got was fixed before , so i got nothing to do here anymore (and probaly i dont need to be here anymore

so , this shal be the last post you will see for me

not every1 is so easy to get rid of  , and because this was a problem betwean me and the admin
i hope you understand the point what i mean ??

Greets From The Crasher

in case you ban some1 , then do it good and delete the posts related to it to
so i like to ask 1 more thing
just delet all my posts related to me , and you dont see me agiain

i dont want taht there is a topic from me that is usefull to other members if i cant reply on it (you know what topic i mena , you merged a lot of posts to there )

Thank you
Greets From The Crasher

Joachim Müller

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Re: Better Support
« Reply #43 on: March 08, 2009, 02:14:14 pm »

Merging, adding Ban trigger. Stay away. You are not allowed to use this site any longer. You are not allowed to re-register using another username. That's the meaning of the word "banned".
The guy sent me the same stuff in an unrequested PM, where he said:
in case you still want to ban me ,then go ahead
Answer is: yes, I still want to ban you, which is what I did. Stop it, Mr. Quintiens, will you?
« Last Edit: March 08, 2009, 02:26:14 pm by Joachim Müller »
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