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Author Topic: Can't teach an old dog a new trick  (Read 4648 times)

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Can't teach an old dog a new trick
« on: September 20, 2008, 12:53:26 am »

I am living proof of this.

I did not grow up in the age of computers and cannot seem to get the hang of this stuff no matter how hard I try and believe me, I have tried.  ::)

Knowing my limits, I prefer to hire qualified people to upgrade and improve my small personal website.

I have a phpbb2 forum that I would like to upgrade to 3. I have Coppermine (cannot locate the version) hooked (probably not the correct term) to this forum and an outdated Chat (php) that needs to be upgraded.

What I have found in the past is that if I find someone on a php forum, they seem to have trouble with Coppermine. The last person I hired appeared to do a good job but struggled with the Coppermine portion of the job and I lost a few things such as all of my help screens. This person also indicated (a long time ago) that they could not upgrade me to the php3 forum as Coppermine does not support this and we would need to wait for a new version, patch, or fix? So perhaps, my first question in this post should have been- is Coppermine and php3 now friends with one another?

Would it be best to hire different individuals in their specific fields (chat person from chat forum, Coppermine from Coppermine forum...) to work on my site? If not, how do I find one very qualified individual that is honest and capable of doing all of the work? Does such a person even exist? I would really like to find one individual that would be there for upgrades and give ongoing suggestions for improvement as new things surface. I guess I am looking for a long-term relationship rather than a one night stand.  ;D

Although I understand that the developers on this site typically do not do freelance work- can any of them be bribed with baked treats or other goodies?  ;)

Thank you for any advice or help that you can lend.



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Re: Can't teach an old dog a new trick
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2008, 03:44:36 am »

Hi Debb,

Think you just unlucky when finding the right person for your job. And now coppermine can be bridge with phpbb3 for sure. I can do all your upgrade work for you. PM me if you interest.

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