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cpg1.5.48 Security release - upgrade mandatory!
The Coppermine development team is releasing a security update for Coppermine in order to counter a recently discovered vulnerability. It is important that all users who run version cpg1.5.46 or older update to this latest version as soon as possible.

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Author Topic: Photo's can not be uploaded!  (Read 2502 times)

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Photo's can not be uploaded!
« on: February 12, 2008, 09:19:03 am »

The same upload problem, as here:

Version: 1.4.12


/albums = 777

/albums/userpics = 777

/albums/edit = 777

The problem:

The previous file could not be placed.
You have successfully placed all the files.


Notice line 2683: Undefined variable: i

Debug informations:

    [ID] => 2d3894f1910dc68b27266d9393e65b59
    [am] => 1
    [lang] => greek
    [liv] => Array


    [user_id] => 2
    [user_name] => SOTIRIOS BOUZARAS
    [groups] => Array
  • => 1


    [disk_max] => 0
    [disk_min] => 0
    [can_rate_pictures] => 1
    [can_send_ecards] => 1
    [ufc_max] => 3
    [ufc_min] => 3
    [custom_user_upload] => 0
    [num_file_upload] => 5
    [num_URI_upload] => 3
    [can_post_comments] => 1
    [can_upload_pictures] => 1
    [can_create_albums] => 1
    [has_admin_access] => 1
    [pub_upl_need_approval] => 0
    [priv_upl_need_approval] => 0
    [group_name] => Administrators
    [upload_form_config] => 3
    [group_quota] => 0
    [can_see_all_albums] => 1
    [group_id] => 1

  • => SELECT extension, mime, content, player FROM cpg_filetypes; (0.002s)
  • [1] => select * from cpg_plugins order by priority asc; (0.015s)
        [2] => delete from `astro_copp1`.cpg_sessions where time<1202799844 and remember=0; (0.001s)
        [3] => delete from `astro_copp1`.cpg_sessions where time<1201593844; (0.001s)
        [4] => select user_id from `astro_copp1`.cpg_sessions where session_id=md5("9ced68a06c9b9469cc08113d22bb5aaebac6edd93e7c8d04192c3b1df8b0e0cc"); (0.001s)
        [5] => select user_id as id, user_password as password from `astro_copp1`.cpg_users where user_id=2 (0.001s)
        [6] => SELECT u.user_id AS id, u.user_name AS username, u.user_password AS password, u.user_group+100 AS group_id FROM `astro_copp1`.cpg_users AS u INNER JOIN `astro_copp1`.cpg_usergroups AS g ON u.user_group=g.group_id WHERE u.user_id='2' (0.001s)
        [7] => SELECT user_group_list FROM `astro_copp1`.cpg_users AS u WHERE user_id='2' and user_group_list <> ''; (0.001s)
        [8] => SELECT MAX(group_quota) as disk_max, MIN(group_quota) as disk_min, MAX(can_rate_pictures) as can_rate_pictures, MAX(can_send_ecards) as can_send_ecards, MAX(upload_form_config) as ufc_max, MIN(upload_form_config) as ufc_min, MAX(custom_user_upload) as custom_user_upload, MAX(num_file_upload) as num_file_upload, MAX(num_URI_upload) as num_URI_upload, MAX(can_post_comments) as can_post_comments, MAX(can_upload_pictures) as can_upload_pictures, MAX(can_create_albums) as can_create_albums, MAX(has_admin_access) as has_admin_access, MIN(pub_upl_need_approval) as pub_upl_need_approval, MIN( priv_upl_need_approval) as  priv_upl_need_approval FROM cpg_usergroups WHERE group_id in (1) (0.001s)
        [9] => SELECT group_name FROM  cpg_usergroups WHERE group_id= 1 (0.001s)
        [10] => update `astro_copp1`.cpg_sessions set time='1202803444' where session_id=md5('9ced68a06c9b9469cc08113d22bb5aaebac6edd93e7c8d04192c3b1df8b0e0cc'); (0.017s)
        [11] => SELECT user_favpics FROM cpg_favpics WHERE user_id = 2 (0.001s)
        [12] => DELETE FROM cpg_banned WHERE expiry < '2008-02-12 10:04:04' (0.001s)
        [13] => SELECT * FROM cpg_banned WHERE (ip_addr='' OR ip_addr='' OR user_id=2) AND brute_force=0 (0.001s)
        [14] => SELECT COUNT(*) FROM cpg_pictures WHERE approved = 'NO' (0.001s)
        [15] => SELECT user_name AS user_name, aid, a.title
                                                                                    FROM cpg_albums AS a
                                                                                    LEFT JOIN `astro_copp1`.cpg_users AS u
                                                                                    ON (category - 10000) = user_id
                                                                                    WHERE category > 10000 (0.016s)
        [16] => SELECT aid, title, name FROM cpg_albums LEFT JOIN cpg_categories ON cid = category WHERE category < 10000 ORDER BY title (0.001s)

    GET :

    POST :

    PHP version: 4.4.7 - OK
    mySQL version: 5.0.45-community-log
    Coppermine version: 1.4.12(stable)
    Module: GD
    GD Version: bundled (2.0.28 compatible)
    FreeType Support: 1
    FreeType Linkage: with freetype
    T1Lib Support:
    GIF Read Support: 1
    GIF Create Support: 1
    JPG Support: 1
    PNG Support: 1
    WBMP Support: 1
    XBM Support: 1
    JIS-mapped Japanese Font Support:

    Module: mysql
    MySQL Supportenabled
    Active Persistent Links 0
    Active Links 1
    Client API version 5.0.45
    MYSQL_MODULE_TYPE external
    MYSQL_SOCKET /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
    MYSQL_INCLUDE -I/usr/include/mysql
    MYSQL_LIBS -L/usr/lib -lmysqlclient 
    Module: zlib
    ZLib Support enabled
    Compiled Version 1.2.3
    Linked Version
    Server restrictions (safe mode)?
    Directive | Local Value | Master Value
    safe_mode | Off | Off
    safe_mode_exec_dir | no value | no value
    safe_mode_gid | Off | Off
    safe_mode_include_dir | no value | no value
    safe_mode_exec_dir | no value | no value
    sql.safe_mode | Off | Off
    disable_functions | ini_alter,system,passthru,shell_exec,leak,listen,chgrp,apache_setenv,define_syslog_variables,openlog,syslog,ftp_exec | ini_alter,system,passthru,shell_exec,leak,listen,chgrp,apache_setenv,define_syslog_variables,openlog,syslog,ftp_exec
    file_uploads | On | On
    include_path | .:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php | .:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php
    open_basedir | /home:/tmp:/usr | /home:/tmp:/usr
    Directive | Local Value | Master Value
    sendmail_from | no value | no value
    sendmail_path | /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i | /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i
    SMTP | localhost | localhost
    smtp_port | 25 | 25
    Size and Time
    Directive | Local Value | Master Value
    max_execution_time | 30 | 30
    max_input_time | 60 | 60
    upload_max_filesize | 2M | 2M
    post_max_size | 8M | 8M
    Page generated in 0.204 seconds - 17 queries in 0.063 seconds - Album set : ; Meta set: ;
Anyone with the same problem solved? Our friend "mipavluk" said that he had to "uninstall" and "reinstall" the whole gallery but I don't want to do this, because I allready uploaded an amount of photo's. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,



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Re: Photo's can not be uploaded!
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2008, 09:58:47 am »

First of all: cpg1.4.12 is outdated. Most recent stable release currently is cpg1.4.16. Upgrade!

Second: I told the thread starter of the thread you refer to what he should have done. The same piece of advice applies to you as well:
In fact, this thread started wrong in the first place - you should do exactly as suggested in the upload troubleshooting section of the docs if you have upload issues.
You may have read the upload troubleshooting section of the docs, but you definitely haven't done as suggested there.
If you want to find out what you did wrong, read up the upload troubleshooting section extra carefully.
You have made absolutely the same mistakes that mipavluk has made in his posting. We do not want you to post debug_output. We don't want you to enable notices_display. We want you to read the upload troubleshooting section of the docs and do as suggested there. For your ease of use, let me quote that section for you, highlighting the bits you obviously failed to read:
4.11.4 Upload troubleshooting

If you are experiencing issues with coppermine's upload process, temporarily change your coppermine settings as suggested below to get more detailed error messages. This applies to all upload methods, not only HTTP uploads.

    * Log in as admin
      Go to your coppermine page and log in as admin
    * Go to the config screen
    * Scroll to the bottom of the page
    * Expand the "Maintenance settings" section by clicking on it
    * Enable debug mode for everyone
      (set Enable debug mode to "Yes: Everyone")
    * Leave display of notices switched off
      (notices are only meant for developers. If you have idea what they mean, leave them off.)
    * Save the new settings by clicking on "Save new configuration"
    * Go to the "groups" panel
    * Set the upload form configuration for all groups to "Single file uploads only"
         1. set File upload boxes to "1" (1)
         2. set URI upload boxes to "0" (2)
         3. set No. of boxes to "fixed" (3)

# Save your new settings
(click on "Apply Modifications")

Then try to upload (using http uploads, even if you experienced troubles using another upload method) - you should get a more detailed error message that tells you what exactly goes wrong with your uploads. If the error message doesn't mean anything to you, search the support board for the error message you get.

4.11.5 Asking for support on upload issues

When asking for support on the coppermine forum, post a link to your site and a test user account (the test user mustn't be in the admin group!) with upload privileges, with the above mentioned settings in place - this way, supporters can see the error messages as well. Do not post debug_output unless requested. If you want fast results, you should disable admin approval for the group the test user is in, so supporters can tell instantly what is wrong without needing to double-check.

When people have issues with uploading and decide to post their question on the Coppermine support board, they usually are told to read this upload troubleshooting section. Many of them fail to do so properly, which results in frustration both for users as well as supporters. To make this absolutely clear: the above mentioned steps are absolutely mandatory, no matter what skill level you have, no matter what upload method you have troubles with. Failing to do exactly as suggested will result in your request for help being ignored. Yes, this applies to you. We mean it!
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