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Author Topic: Empty 'Favorites' displays 'info' screen instead of an empty favorites folder  (Read 1905 times)

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I'm not sure if this is expected behaviour or if I have an error somewhere in my code/theme.

Here is typical behaviour:

1. My Favorites is empty (nothing in cookie).

2. Go to "My Favorites" page and title area displays "MY FAVORITES" and "Download as Zip file".  Thumbnail area displays "No image to display".

So far this is what I expect.  Now I try this:

1. Add one image to my favorites.

2. Go to "My Favorites" page and title area displays "MY FAVORITES",  "Download as Zip file", and thumbnail area displays the image thumbnail.

3. I click on the image thumbnail from within My Favarites to display the image.

So far so good.  Here's the problem:

4. Click on "Remove from My Favorites". (Now there are NO images in favorites/cookie).

5. Screen title area displays "Information" and in thumbnail area "No Image to Display".

Why does it not return to the "My Favorites" page?  Can I modify this behaviour somehow?

Thanks for any help.


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Just to clarify, the location for the favorites folder is:


while this "Information" page which appears is located at:


Thanks again.
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