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Additional fixes for PHP 8.2
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Author Topic: [Closed]: NEED HELT TO BUILD BIG PHOTO GALLERY WHIT USER WEBPAGE+++++  (Read 4989 times)

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Hi we need a programmer to help us make a gallery
I need in this script the following things

All futures as in Copper mine Photo Gallery   system

Multipage system for users
Shop system whit max 20 items, shop need be set up from admin for the uses that shall have.
Let’s say, just easy upgrade user to dealer membership, they must have admin panel to add their product and also ordering system, I like same type as the cube cart system, image for each product they add.
Then main system will in left or right frame show random products from all our dealers, this not at users shop but in photo gallery part.

Standard registration gives users, like 3 or 4 pages to rebuild, whit html editor.
They can change names on sites as the want
Then they shall have rights to add 5 albums and call them for what they want.
In each of this they can add 5 photos, but size of all this must go be over 2048kb
Maximum for or photos and all info from each uses can not be over 3000kb
Uses get his own blog in site (lower part of site)
They also get 3 movies to can upload to their pages.

As I going to make money this site selling banners this very important case in the site.
Side banners, top banner footer banner, pop up banner each 30 sek
I must have complete control on this from admin panel; I also need counter for each banner

News section

It needs show in top of side in left side frame.
Unlimited sites, only admin can control this.
This needs also html editor

Create unlimited horse categories
Control users and dealers, something like the copper mine system for admin.

Front side showing

Banners, last added, most seen. Best score, and so on mainly same as in coppermine system.
The there had been nice to have a place called horse of the month, but this need show for each category I make. So when enter the tinker category, there will be small photo in a start or something saying horse of the month.
To be this horse the need get best rating.
Rating can be given on the horse album not to each photo but to the album of the specific horse of user.
So if there is one album called Nina where horse Nina they rate all photo of Nina ,then all photo of Nina will glide show in the category of the horse raze somewhere in each categories page

Site need a forum, easy as possible, but need avatar and similes and html editor.
I need to have, bad word file, Block ip, delete topics if go bad way
Its mainly standard forum system.

Breeders and user like sell horses

I need something special for breeder selling horses and foals.
There must be an add a add system, where the can login and advertise their horses for sale.
Standard sales page, this is only one page and all can sell horses here, they not get 1 site each. They need share as users.
This link can you set over news category
Each ads need be accepted from admin, and will not be added before I start it.
They also need pay to sell, so if you can make a payment system for this I am glad.

I think this is all if you can help please PM me
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« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2007, 11:43:52 pm »

Read the sticky thread on this sub-board? If not, please do so now and then review your posting (post the needed clarification). For such a huge project, you definitely will have to post details about your budget and the schedule. I strongly doubt though that you will find the person you're looking for here; what you're up to is far beyond the usual coppermine install and spicing it up with some mods and plugins. I doubt that someone who is skilled enough to do that job will be willing to look into it.
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