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Author Topic: Trying to change image title.  (Read 2996 times)

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Trying to change image title.
« on: October 03, 2007, 10:55:42 pm »

I am trying to change the image title to the title of the image instead of the filename. This is what I have:

Code: [Select]
$options = array("imageattributes" => array("alt" => '{{pTitle}}', "title" => '{{pTitle}}'));
$objCpm->cpm_viewLastAddedMedia(1, 4, $options);

The images show up but the image title is still the filename and when looking at the code I see:

Code: [Select]
<table  >
<td><a href=""  ><img  src="" alt="cduffy_Zita_PP15.jpg" title="cduffy_Zita_PP15.jpg" alt="{{pTitle}}"  title="{{pTitle}}"   /></a><br /></td>
<td><a href=""  ><img  src="" alt="cduffy_Zita_ScallopOverlay.png" title="cduffy_Zita_ScallopOverlay.png" alt="{{pTitle}}"  title="{{pTitle}}"   /></a><br /></td>
<td><a href=""  ><img  src="" alt="cduffy_Zita_PP13.jpg" title="cduffy_Zita_PP13.jpg" alt="{{pTitle}}"  title="{{pTitle}}"   /></a><br /></td>
<td><a href=""  ><img  src="" alt="cduffy_Zita_PP14.jpg" title="cduffy_Zita_PP14.jpg" alt="{{pTitle}}"  title="{{pTitle}}"   /></a><br /></td>

How do I get it to change the title and alt to the image title I set in Coppermine? I do have image titles set for those images too. You can see the title in my coppermine gallery (which is v. 1.4.13).

The website I have this on is My coppermine gallery is at

Thanks for any help.
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