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Arabic language is spoken by over 323 million people worldwide

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I hope this is the right place, I tried to send it in Language Specific Support but I can't make new topic there " I think it because my karma is -1"
I take this negative karma when I asked question that there is in the manual when i was just install my gallery.
so please move there if this is not the right place because i cant send there

My topic is about Arabic language. It is a great language I hope you have a good impression about arab and don't be like the most world that think that arab are terroristic and live in desert this is not the correct impression. caused by media.This is very long subject and not our subject we here one hand under coppermine.

Arabic language features:

* Arabic is spoken by over 323 million people worldwide as a first language, which is about the same as the number of native English speakers.

* Classical Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries and is the only form of Arabic taught in schools at all stages. Each country also has its own local dialect (such as Egyptian, Syrian, and Algerian), and these dialects are used in day-to-day spoken language.

* Many of the English words you might use on a daily basis are of Arabic origin, such as coffee (‘qahwah’), sugar (‘sukkar’), and cotton (‘qutn’).

You can make sure from previous features here official blog for adsense

also big scripts like joomla  has Arabic support section here

I know a lot of Arabian people that uses coppermine gallery. so we need support with Arabian language

If you agree to open this Arabic Child Board in Language Specific Support board
I can begin support there with Arabic language and translate English articles to Arabic users.
and I wish to be your sound to huge number of Arabic users

Thank you

Joachim Müller:
Not a valid feature request, that's why your thread got moved here. Your karma (negative/positive) has got no impact on the ability to start new threads. There is no doubt that there are a lot of people who speak Arabic. The same thing is true for many other languages. However, that's not the question. Similar things have been requested for many other languages, so I won't post details. Please review the answers given in similar threads here on the language specific boards. Bottom line is: we would love to see a sub-board in Arabic, however we need to make sure that there are not only takers (people who ask for support), but givers as well (people who provide support). We are going to start an Arabic sub-board now that you have volunteered to moderate one if you are going to stay around and do some support work on the regular English support board. Another thing that you might want to start doing is translating the documentation (or parts of it) into Arabic.

Joachim Müller:
Sadly, you have neither started to do support work nor was I able to spot any other sort of contribution from your side. Subsequently, I'm marking this thread as "turned down".

I am sorry Mr GauGau

I am very busy nowadays because of my new work and my study and I hope good chances to this language in the future

Thank you Mr GauGau for your time

this is really disappointing but I hope I wont let that happen again


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