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Author Topic: update thumbnails error  (Read 3731 times)

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update thumbnails error
« on: August 06, 2007, 03:43:31 pm »

Posted by StrammIn admin tools you need to select 'Update thumbs and/or resized photos (1)' and 'Only thumbnails (mini and regular)' Number of processed images per click ... set this very low... 1-3
scroll doen and select a certain album (so you won't need to wait for ages till it finishes) and click continue. Check if all worked well. If not check in config what image library you've set, chmod the albums folder (recursive) to 755 (or 777, server dependent) and all the files to 644 (or 666, depending on your server setup). Check file ownership too. Another reason for the admin tools not to work may be server sided restrictions. There's a sticky thread about that in the upload troubles board.

I have over 10 000 images in my gallery, and I recently installed this modpack ... So I did as instructed, using the admin tools, tried to update the thumbnails, I set the number of processed images per click to 20 or so. I noticed that after a while, I was given a 403 Forbidden page ... this happened yesterday, when I was creating new albums (however, this was before I installed the modpack) I am guessing I might be overloading the server? After a few hours, the 403 disappears and the site works as usual.

Issue 1) Anyway. My problem is ... If I have 12 000 pictures, I need to update the 12 000 thumbnails. And if I set the Number of processed images per click to 2, I will need to repeat this step 6000 times. Now that would take me forever. Have I missed something, or misunderstood something? It just seems strange to me that I need to repeat the step several thousand times.

Issue 2) This is related to the other problem so I will include it in this thread. I have an album with 900 pictures. So when I am about to update the thumbnails, I select the album from the dropdownlist, lets say I choose 3 images per click, and click "update". Sure, that works fine. Picture sample1.jpg, sample2.jpg, sample3.jpg have been updated. The rest of the 897 thumbs need to be updated as well. So I repeat the step, click "update". But it doesn't work as planned, coppermine doesnt pick up where it finished, which would be sample.jpg ... It updates the three first images - again. Now what about the 897 thumbs that are left? If I increase the number, the server timesout ... There must be a way of updating all thumbs in an album, and not just the three first.

I hope my two questions make sense.


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Re: update thumbnails error
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2007, 06:08:56 pm »

There's a checkbox 'Auto refresh (no need to click continue button anymore)'... check it... then you won't have to click the 'continue' button any more.
-> Start the updating/ resizing process and let it run till it's finished. 12k pics isn't that much. Have converted more in the past. 4-6 hours (depending on your box).
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