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Author Topic: More about friendly urls - Tagblitz plugin  (Read 3506 times)

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More about friendly urls - Tagblitz plugin
« on: May 08, 2007, 10:33:39 am »

After some changes my friendly urls work exellent. But I've got one more problem - and I guess the others too, since Tagblitz plugin doesn't work properly with standard plugin.

Thing is, now it doesn't show links to each file. Tagblitz plugin get a direct link to them like this:

Code: [Select]
$referer = ($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] . (isset($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']) && $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] ? '?' . $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] : ''));
and if user want to see all link codes he must click on "show links" (or sth like that) within page displaying the file. The plugin gets page address and add this to the end of url:

Code: [Select]
And this is the problem, since friendly_urls plugin has no rule for link like this.

Is it possible to make a couple of rules more in htaccess or it demands re-building of the hole Tagblitz plugin?
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