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Author Topic: photochallenge site  (Read 2046 times)

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photochallenge site
« on: February 06, 2007, 02:57:15 pm »


I'm running a site inside the company I'm working for where some photoenthusiast have monthly assignments. There are different topics for each month. After the users have uploaded their pictures there is a one week period of rating. During the upload and the rating period the user names are not shown. After rating has ended the photos will be sorted according to the rating and the winner
is allowed to name the topic for the next month. We are currently running Gallery2. Everything is working well, but the rating system is a little bit cheatable, e.g. a user can change his rating during
the time and also the voting result is visible already even if only one member has rated. So the ratings can be adjusted so that the own photo gets advantages. We want to change that.

Now I thought about changing the platform to CPG but there are a few open points I haven't found to clarify in this forum. Perhaps some more experienced users can answer my questions below.

1. Is it possible to hide the user names as long as the upload and rating is open for each album ? (manually or even better timed)
2. Is it possible to sort inside an album according to the rating later on ?
3. Is it possible to make a "best of album" by linking photos of different albums into one or do they have to be uploaded again ?
4. Is it possible to hide and show albums in a timed way to public viewers, so that new topics can be prepared already earlier and then published when needed ?

Many thanks in advance for the answers (hopefully the are positive  :D)


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