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The Coppermine development team is releasing a security update for Coppermine in order to counter a recently discovered vulnerability. It is important that all users who run version cpg1.5.46 or older update to this latest version as soon as possible.

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Author Topic: CPMFetch of the CPG data -- impact of links, tags, etc. on CPMFetch page  (Read 3483 times)

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Hi Vuud,

I used the CPMFetch script:

$objCpm101->cpm_viewRandomMediaFrom (1,1,'cat=34:album=1',array('subtitle' => '"%t"<br />"%a"<br />%A <br > %o  <br />%c<br >%C', 'tablestyle' => 'test2','imagestyle' => 'test6', 'imagesize' => 'int'));

to specify the large image as well as associated information.

[The observations raised below are demonstrated in the test-02.php webpage included in  the CPMFetch Issues links I sent you by email -- including all the details of the actual scripts.]

The above CPMFetch script  defines the  large image in the test-02.php webpage.  The entire webpage layout itself is controlled by a general stylesheet "toti1.css" that defines the stylesheets of almost all the programs and independent websites found in the domain, except the CPG program.  As a result, the large image in the test-02.php webpage is centered.

In contrast, the following information from the

'subtitle' => '"%t"<br />"%a"<br />%A <br > %o  <br />%c<br >%C'

in the aforementioned script are

(1) all left-aligned, instead of the specified layout already specified by the tags in the CPG stylesheet layout.

Is there a way for the CPMFetch script to recognize the layout format already specified in the CPG stylesheet layout?

(2) In the image description fetched by the CPMFetch , the resulting output of the "%c" included the raw tags of the enabled and custom BBCodes.

Is there a way instead for the CPMFetch script to interpret the enabled and custom BBCodes   and layout the output information as specified by the BBCode tags, and not also display the BBCode tags?

(3) Generally, when the caption,  "%c", is called -- as indicated in the script -- the caption itself is quite long and would occupy the breath of the page, or space alloted.  The way the aforementioned CPMFetch script was written, the resulting image would then become left-aligned.

How can the aforementioned CPMFetch  script  be modified so that the "large image", the "title", the "album name" and all other information are centered, unless otherwise specified.  A corollary question: How can the layout width of the caption,  "%c", be specified -- so that it is left-aligned and independent of the width of the "large image"?

(4) I might have misunderstood your instruction in the Option Array information display entries, I thought by enclosing the name of the Album, (%a) between "", it will then include the link to the Album, to its name (%a).  Instead what I got was merely  the Album name between "", i.e."Album name" and not a linked Album name.

How  is this linking to the Album name done, specifically?

(5) When the website is fully developed, all the addresses and topics and other focused subjects will have their own dynamic "CPMFetch-scripted" webpage, thus with their own unique URL.

Is there a way, to integrate this link info (URL) when calling the address or topic name, etc. in the aforementioned CPMFetch script?
In fact, in the image caption and description, the URL links of these places and topics will be specified through the BB Code tags.  How can this link tagging be integrated in the "CPMFetch-script"?

[As stated: The observations raised above are demonstrated in the test-02.php webpage included in  the CPMFetch Issues links I sent you by email -- including all the details of the actual scripts.]


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