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Joachim Müller:
So far, only English was available as Forum language. To reflect the preferences of the visitors of the sub-boards for French, Russian, Chinese, Persian and German support we have added language files for those languages as well.

This does not mean that you're allowed to post in those languages on any board! The Forum language is still English except in the above mentioned, language-specific sub-boards.
The added languages apply to the Forum's controls only (menu entries, buttons etc.), so you can have buttons that don't just say "Reply" in English, but in your language as well. However, your posting has to be in English unless you're within one of the above mentioned sub-boards.

Adding those language files means additional maintenance work already, so please don't make it even harder for moderators by misbehaving and posting in your non-English language on English-only boards. If you still do so, your posting will get moved or deleted.

So here is how to change your language: in the Forum's top navigation, click on Profile, which will send you to your profile overview. At the right section of the screen, click on "Account Related Settings" and then choose your language from the "Preferred Language" dropdown list. Scroll to the bottom of the page, re-enter your current password into the "Current Password" field for security reasons and click on "Change profile".

Do not clutter this announcement thread with individual support requests - don't force us to lock every sticky topic down. Only reply if you have actually questions or remarks to make on the Forum's controls and changing the language preferences.


Joachim Müller:
Just for clarification: this thread does not deal with the languages available for Coppermine. Coppermine comes with support for many different languages, not only English. This thread deals with the support forum language.

Why not Polish language?


--- Quote ---Why not ____* language?

--- End quote ---
Because no one from _____* language has stepped up to volunteer to provide support in _____ language. Keep in mind that the developers don't know every single language that is available. We rely on the global community for international contributions.

*generalized for any language as this question is likely to be asked by people of different languages.

Joachim Müller:
Split unrelated reply and moved it accordingly. Don't hijack this thread!
Habe Antwort auf diesen Beitrag, die nichts im Geringsten mit dem Thema dieses Beitrags zu tun hat in einen separaten Thread gewandelt und verschoben. Beachte in Zukunft die Foren-Regeln >:(. Antworte nicht auf diesen Beitrag!


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