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cpg1.5.48 Security release - upgrade mandatory!
The Coppermine development team is releasing a security update for Coppermine in order to counter a recently discovered vulnerability. It is important that all users who run version cpg1.5.46 or older update to this latest version as soon as possible.

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Author Topic: Sub-board rules - read before posting!  (Read 10437 times)

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Sub-board rules - read before posting!
« on: April 16, 2005, 08:45:08 am »

Many users want to display content taken from coppermine on non-coppermine pages (this can be both another page of your site or even another site that resides on a different server).
There have been several user-contributed hacks that can do that:
  • CpmFetch is an add-on (no modifications to cpg needed) that allows you to display statistics and content from the Coppermine Photo Gallery on your web site, other web sites or via RSS Feeds.  The collection of utilities are based on common libraries, making it very versitile.  It is well supported and under active development still - It's the mod the coppermine dev team recommends to be used.   Due to heavy volume, this program was split into multiple threads to address each aspect.  Please post support questions in the appropriate section.  The real web site for this is at

    CpmFetch - The main program, allows you to embed tables of images and text into your PHP enabled web pages.  They must have access to the CPG database, but otherwise can exist in subdomains (some assembly required for that part).  Many options, features and do-hickeys. 
    Thread: Click here for this thread

    CfImageGet - This allows you to grab images via <img src=""> tags from other web sites, html e-mails, or for use as avatars on different forum systems.
    Thread: Click here for this thread

    CfRSSGet - This provides a customizable way to create RSS feeds for different kinds of information - last updated, most viewed, random, etc..
    Thread: Click here for this thread

    CFSSIGet - You can use CpmFetch on normal HTML pages on your site also.  Eventually there will be a module for this, but in the meantime it is very very easy to do.  This area explains how.
    Thread: Click here for this thread

    Embedding CpmFetch into forums is also possible... and has its own thread.
    Thread: Click here for this thread

    Coppermine_dao.php  The internal workings are exposed as a DAO, so you can extend the features into new and exciting ways.  There is no forum for this, but if you are a developer, the code is pretty easy to understand.

  • CPG Remote Access API - An API that helps you to remotely work with your Coppermine Gallery. This is a very very cool thing.  API's really promote innovation and development!

  • The hack "Random image include? (SSI.php)[/url]" has been the first that was published. It allows you to display coppermine content (random, stats, search field) on the site your coppermine install resides on. It uses php-includes, so the pages it can be used on must be PHP-enabled. As the mod doesn't take into account the privacy settings of coppermine, it is not recommended to use it anymore. It goes unsupported and only remains on this board for historical reasons and reference.

  • The mod "Get RSS Feeds from Coppermine now" does exactly what it says: you can get RSS feeds from coppermine content. It can be displayed both on the same site your coppermine installs resides on, but as well on other sites (that don't reside on the same server). It offers true content syndication and is meant to be used mainly for this purpose.
Please read the intial posts before posting for support in a given section - often they will contain information asking your question, or even provide more solutions.

This sub-board has been created to be the place where both the development of the mods can be discussed as well as for giving support. Unlike the other sub-boards of "Modifications/Add-Ons/Hacks", users can start new threads here (this policy may be subject to change though). Do not post unrelated questions or hacks on this board, they will be deleted, moved or ignored!

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