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pls turkish forum


pls add new forum. add turkish forum. coppermine-gallery i don't setup. offff off. help!!

No point having one unless there are people willing to *provide* support in turkish.

Joachim Müller:

--- Quote from: GauGau on December 05, 2004, 02:01:30 pm ---The "official" language of the coppermine boards is English (simply because it has become the "universal" language), with the only exception to this rule being the board "Language Specific Support": we started it as an experiment only recently, with a sub-board dedicated to coppermine support in french. The reason for not having support boards in other languages besides french is quite simple: so far, nobody has volunteered to moderate such a sub-board.

[*]If you think you're familar enough with coppermine,
[*]if you speak both english and the other language you're requesting a language specific sub-board for and
[*]if you're interessted to become a moderator on the language-specific sub-board[/list]
you're welcome to reply to this thread, offering your help (please do not just request that a sub-board in your language should be started if you're only looking for support; you should be able and willing to actually give support instead).

Please understand that the "regular" supporters and dev team members from the overall board (the English board) will not visit the language specific support board(s) - simply because they can't understand what is going on there.


--- End quote ---


Thanks for this information

Joachim Müller:


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