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Author Topic: Style Missing  (Read 5248 times)

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Style Missing
« on: June 24, 2006, 01:53:31 am »

For some reason a gallery I administer appears to have lost its style completely.

I was modifying the water drop template.html and style.css files in order to have the gallery blend in with the website it is associated with.

Since I have never done anything remotely like this before I actually went so far as to install a gallery on my own web server to practice on.  I didn't want to accidentally mess up the gallery of my friend who runs the site of the one I help administer. The two servers are entirely separate.

After a week of gradually working on the two files I finally had the style exactly how I wanted it.  See: - as you can see this is just a test gallery and once it was how I wanted it I was going to remove it anyway as I have no real use for it on my own server.  But in terms of the style etc this is how it should look. 

The only things altered at all in the style.css file are colours.  Nothing else has been touched. 

But when I tried to upload the new style and template to the gallery it was for - well it made the whole practice gallery seem rather pointless.  The template is fine but the style is missing.  The file is there on the server and in the right place (I checked this several times and it is definitely where it should be).  It just isn't showing up in the gallery itself.

I have taken the gallery offline for the moment but as you can see from this link here the style just isn't there.

I have doublechecked and triple checked the settings.  I have emptied the cache and I have tried it in another browser (I use Firefox but tested it in IE to see if it was a browser issue, though I couldn't think why as in practice it worked fine).  I have reloaded and refreshed, logged in and logged out.  I removed the file entirely from the server and uploaded it again in case it simply wasn't taking.

I tested altering it to another theme and that worked fine but when I tried to alter it back to the water drop one it was the same as described, the template is there but the style is not.

As a last resort I decided to restore the original style.css file which I had downloaded to a separate location just in case something like this happened and it needed to be restored.  Only when I tried to upload that file which had not even been opened for editing at all the style still remained missing.

The only thing I thought it might be is that the gallery I installed on my own server was version 1.3.5 whilst the other one is 1.3.4 but to be on the safe side I made sure that after I had finished getting the style and template as I wanted I used ones downloaded from the other gallery and altered them to matching colours rather than upload the one for a different version.  And of course the original file was from the same version as well. 

I am completely at a loss as to what I have done wrong and any advice would be much appreciated.
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Re: Style Missing
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2006, 04:58:08 am »

The link to the custom theme is here:

The problem is the template.html address for the stylesheet is wrong. It is showing:

when it should be:

I suggest you rename your custom theme so it's not the same as a default theme. This would make upgrades easier.


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Re: Style Missing
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2006, 11:14:42 am »

Thank you.  Altering that worked perfectly.

I hadn't looked at that part of the template as I hadn't altered it up there, all I had done do it was give the main cell a new background colour and added a banner.  Since it worked fine when I had uploaded it to the practice gallery I hadn't thought of checking that.

I did some searching here after posting and spotted a few messages warning about using MSFrontPage as the editor.  I guess this is another one of those examples of it thinking it is helping by altering things because that is what I was using and I know I hadn't altered that part of the page at all. Though I am sure you can guess that I had saved the files I was working on to the "My Documents" folder whilst I was working on them.

Thanks again for your help and for the prompt response.  It is much appreciated.
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