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Author Topic: Printer Friendly Icon/Page  (Read 4741 times)

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Printer Friendly Icon/Page
« on: June 09, 2006, 08:59:33 pm »

I posted this in a separate thread, but closed it because it had other issues mixed in. I have it thought out, but don't know how to code it.

I am looking for a "Printer Friendly" solution. My thoughts are as follows:

a "Printer Friendly" icon with hover over text "Printer Friendly" on the navbar of displayimage.php (next to the e-card icon).
Clicking the icon would open up a separate window that has a drop-down to choose an image size for printing.
A couple options I have thought would be:

Display a 4 x 6 image and nothing else with instructions on how to print the page.

Display Intermediate image by default with drop-down to choose the full-size (fit to page width) for printing.

OPTION 3: This may require extra work with the resizing of images, so while most favorable, most time consuming and most work to code.
Provide options in a drop-down for print sizes (assuming high enough resolution original was uploaded, if not the option would either not be available, or the image only displays for whatever option is available and there could be text on the page to explain why an option yields poor or no results:
1. 3 x 5
2. 4 x 6
3. 5 x 7
4. 8 x 10

No idea what kind of work this involves, I am willing to pay $30USD. Please provide quote if that is unreasonable.

Time frame is anytime within the next month, no hurry at all.
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