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Author Topic: Multi-album appearance of a photo  (Read 3439 times)

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Multi-album appearance of a photo
« on: April 20, 2006, 02:24:41 am »


There is a similar feature in flickr if they are done manually or not.  A photo can be placed in multiple pools of related photos -- for example photo of church may be grouped with pool of related photos by the photographer, pool of photos for churches, location of the church, type of architecture, etc. but only one is actually in the database of flickr -- that of the photographer.

I am just begining to understand the features of CPG but it does not look that this can be done with the current CPG v1.4.4.  Or, is there a module for it?


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Re: Multi-album appearance of a photo
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2006, 05:22:58 am »

It's in v 1.4. Do a search/read the manual.


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Redux: Multi-album appearance of a photo
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2006, 04:52:48 pm »

It's in v 1.4. Do a search/read the manual.

Dear TranzNDance,

OK, excuse my limited capability  to express myself quite properly;  maybe I used a bad example above too.  I apologize.  I read your reply to another post (with a final admonishment to the one you thought too lazy to do  a search). Let me quote what you quoted, in that thread:

Quote from: TranzNDance
In 1.4.x the Album Keyword is no longer being used for searching purposes, but, rather, to link images from other album into another. Using this method, files/images can be displayed in various albums while the file itself need only exists in one album on your webserver. You simply upload a file to one album as you would normally do, then assign one or more keywords to the file. The keyword function reads blank spaces between words as a 'break' and assumes that these words are separate words. If you must use phrases for your keywords, connect them with an underscore or by using the ascii space holder ctrl+Alt+0160 (NOTE: the latter option only works with latin based character sets.) Each album can only have ONE (1) keyword or keyword phrase. All pictures residing in different albums that you would like to be displayed in this album must have the same keyword or keyword phrase in their respective keyword fields. Pictures, unlike albums can have multiple keywords or keyword phrases separated by spaces. This provides you with the option to display pictures in many albums. For the visitor of these albums, it will appear as if the file/image had been uploaded to each.

If this is the capability of CPG, what you quoted above is not at all what I have in mind.  I assumed the more advance  photo gallery programs have this in place.

The capability you alluded to in the quote is more like the tag system of flickr -- this function is needed in photo galleries  because photos are not meant to be read but viewed.  Thus, an automated search requires the keywords or what flickr  refers to as "tags". 

I am sure it is already self-evident, but the obvious flaw in the use of "tags" is that a tag does not have the power to discriminate nor does it have the power to anticipate.  Let me explain this further. 

Non-discriminatory: If I click on a flickr tag "Golden Gate" bridge, I get thousands of pages (not photos which could number hundreds of thousands) -- most of them are mug shots of people who have photos to prove that they have seen the  "Golden Gate" bridge. Thus, what you see displayed, as you quoted  above  is dependent on the "keywords" -- or more appropriately called "tags" by flickr -- attached to pictures. 

I do not plan to waste my time sifting through thousands of pages and  useless mug photos of people to find the good photos of the "Golden Gate" bridge.  I usually prefer to search instead for  people with good photos who might happen to live in San Francisco or travel a lot; or  look at their recommendation.  This in itself is not as efficient but definitely less cumbersome and usually yield  more prooductive photos that I might like  even if it was not my initial intent to look for these new discoveries .

Non-anticipatory:  The reverse is true also.  Some photo posters may not bother to tag their photos so that some of the best photos of the Golden Gate bridge that I liked were not e even in the list.  Even if a photo is tagged, there is no mechanism to distinguish what a good photo and relevant photo is, based solely on the tag.

A feature that I wish is more like this:

Let us say, there are a gazillion posted photos of the "Golden Gate" bridge scattered all over various albums by different users.  If I wish to create just an album of the the ten best "Golden Gate" bridge photos, or the 100 best photos of San Francisco, listing of the best photos (one each) of the magnificent bridges of the world, etc., etc, etc. -- one or some good photos may make this multiple listing.

Is the exisitng CPG v1.4.4 capable of doing this,  i.e., feature that unique photo in multiple pages from a single source?

Obviously there is a mechanism to do just that.  I have seen it done by posters in flickr when they prepare their favorite photos from other flickr posters.


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