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Author Topic: custom display & content trough search by "Custom fields for image description"  (Read 2361 times)

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My name is Morgan, I live in Sweden.

At first: Thank You for a great photo gallery!

Second: I've just registered, only to seek help to find a solution for a wanted feature in

my newly created Echinopsis photo gallery @ (Echinopsis is

a genus of the plant family "Cactus" and my gallery is for hybridizers and collectors of

mentioned above genus (in cacti).

Third: I do not know anything about code (I've installed Coppermine Photogallery by using

XAMPP, from "apache friends", a compilation of software for easy installation of Apache

webserver + ...) (method: Trial & Error) (I know some HTML, that's all).

Forth: by being honest, I hope that you don't disregard my need for help. Instead I want you

to see my request as a challenge! (this challenge may be to big, but if I don't ask I won't

know if it is).

Here's my problem:

An interesting feature of my gallery would be to have an option showing "closest family", of

a plant (an Echinopsis hybrid, since my gallery is about Echinopsis hybrids).  ;)

Closest family means: FATHER (donator of pollen) MOTHER (receptor of pollen) SIBLINGS

(plants from the same crossing/pollination).

The input for these "requested frames" (mother, father, siblings) would be the "results" from a search

string, with input from "Custom fields for image description". Where one of my CFFID (custom

field....) is named "Mother x Father" and another one "Siblings" (maybe I could use "mother

x father" input also, to search in "caption" of other files on the gallery to find even -


I wanted the siblings to show up as thumbnails, below active photo,like on the attached "screen print montage". (when calling this

function, by pressing a button, would replace the filmstrip with the new search display

content, the siblings). And maybe the parents could show up above the search display (of siblings), in

around half width size (of main photo). Mother to the left and father to the right (or any other nice solution).

I know that I'm crazy, but is this request an utopi? :-\ Since I don't know any code I don't

know what you developers are capable of.

Thank's in advance!


I'm sorry that I did put this question in the wrong category at first!

And additional info: I'm using CPG 1.43

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