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Author Topic: please HELP !! porting my STATIC html layout to Coppermine ??  (Read 3084 times)

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please HELP !! porting my STATIC html layout to Coppermine ??
« on: January 14, 2006, 06:40:25 pm »

Hello developers,

i run a travel photo site completely written in STATIC html.
it just started as a travelog about Tokyo, then evolved with
my pics from China and Australia, and then since i didint found
any good CMS for my layout i took the mad decision to complete
the rest of the site from scratch using a static html layout.


the site runs well, but now i really can think of spending all
that time to manually edit tons of new pages, i absolutely
need to use a CMS.

now, i tried Gallery and Gallery 2 and i think it sucks.

i installed Coppermine and it would be good, all i need
is basically to display full pics using thumbnail.php, removing
all the crap like voting, comments, smilies, authors, etc

what i need is :

1) registered users should be free to upload their pics
in any of the section (europe-->France --> Paris, for instance)
and (very important) add for each pic their captions.

2) guestbook and newsletter (but as i've read in this
forum there are already plugins and mods for this)

3) i see that Coppermine also supports WordPress
integration, this will come handy in case i want
to blog when traveling.

4) i absolutely need URL like this : <>/<continent>/
<country>/<city>.php (or .html, in case there's a way to
generate static html from the CMS)

5) <title> --> it must be like this and possibily
there must be a way to automate it :
<my> - <continent> Photo Gallery - <Country> Photos : <city>

6) VERY important : for each country i made a page like this :


is it possible to automate the process of creating a table,
title, thumbnail and comment with link to the gallery ??

7) last, in the map selector (ex : index.html) and in
the country pages, there should be a way to automate
the string displaying how many photos are for any country,
continent, and gallery.

7) anything else is trivial and i can hack myself the PHP files.

please help ! i know i'm crazy to have done this by hand
but i really couldnt find any CMS that natively manages
something similar to this layout and my needs :(

thanks again and keep up the good work !

Joachim Müller

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Re: please HELP !! porting my STATIC html layout to Coppermine ??
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2006, 11:54:39 pm »

What's you actual question? If it is "can all these extra requirements be accomplished when using coppermine?", then the answer is "yes, with a lot of hacking". If your question is "Will you supply me with all detailed instructions and necessary mods to accomplish what I'm up to?", then the answer is "no". Please read the docs that come with coppermine first, they should cover most of your questions. Please keep in mind as well that we have a "one question per thread" policy you agreed to respect when signing up.

Your questions:
1) comes out-of-the-box. Read the docs.
2) Do as suggested in the plugin/mods threads.
3) Do as suggested in the mod thread you're refering to.
4) There's a SEF plugin, but it's still experimnetal and not recommended for production use. If this is a must-have, then coppermine isn't the right software for you.
5) Should be an easy hack
6) Yes, if you code it.
7) comes out-of-the-box.

Mind you: coppermine is not a CMS, it's a photo gallery script. If you're looking for a CMS, you might consider using Mambo/Joomla or Typo3 or one of the thousands of nuke ports/clones/lookalikes
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