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Author Topic: FIRST TIME WEBSITE, NEED HELP!  (Read 4337 times)

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« on: December 11, 2005, 04:45:52 pm »

Hi everyone! Could someone please help this older generation (50years old) lady with a problem! I am setting up my first site after wanting one for many years. I had 1 for 3 months but the man that set it up for me disappeared!!! So, now I'm trying on my own! Before, he has used the Burnt film theme which I had chosen myself! Now I would like a different one, for a fresh new start. I looked for a long time at the demos and decides that I love the one called "OCEANDREAM". I am using a company that a friend recommended called "MD Webhosting" everything was going great until I got to the script library, there is no "OCEANDREAM" there and I hate the 10 that are listed. I wanted something soft, delicate and femine for my fractal gallery. Those themes that are listed are ugly, cold, and toooo business-like for my taste and my friend just opened her second gallery yesterday and she is using 2 of the better looking ones. Is there a way to take the theme I like and put it in the script library? If so, you will have to explain it to me step by step, I don't understand a lot of computer terms, but I'm trying to learn! It would be a super Christmans for me to have my gallery up and running soon!!!!
Thanks for listening!
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« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2005, 10:53:22 pm »

1) Download the theme you like from our theme download section (in your case, download Oceandreams)
2) Once the download is finished, unzip all the files from the package (preserving the folder structure within it) to a temporary folder on your local PC (e.g. to your desktop)
3) Connect to your webserver using your FTP application (in case you have none, there are several free ones available, e.g. SmartFTP)
4) Upload all theme files to the themes folder within your coppermine folder on your webserver (example: if the local files are at C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\YourUserName\Desktop\oceandreams\, then upload the "oceandreams" folder from your desktop to /your_webserver_root/your_coppermine_folder/themes/ that represents http://yoursite.tld/your_coppermine_folder/themes/)
5) If the upload succeeded, check everything for yourself first by adding theme=oceandreams to the URL in your browser's address bar, e.g. http://yoursite.tld/your_coppermine_folder/index.php?theme=oceandreams This means that the current default theme is being overridden just for you temporarily. If anything goes wrong, you can savely going back by entereing a theme name that doesn't exist, e.g. http://yoursite.tld/your_coppermine_folder/index.php?theme=xxx
6) If everything works as expected, set the new theme as default theme for everyone: go to coppermine's config and chose oceandreams from the dropdown list, save the settings and you're done.


P.S. In the future, please use a better subject line that actually summarizes your question - if everybody posted questions with subjects like yours, all thread subjects would look the same. You shouldn't be using all uppercase letters - on forums, this is being considered as shouting.


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Re: first time website, need help!
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2005, 10:51:28 am »

thank you for your help. i am sorry for offending your ears (eyes) for shouting.
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