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Author Topic: Coppermine, phpbb2 and cmpfetch Stats but no pics  (Read 3952 times)

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Coppermine, phpbb2 and cmpfetch Stats but no pics
« on: November 24, 2005, 10:35:32 pm »

I have Coppermine 1.3.5 phpbb2.0.18 and cmpfetch 1.6 (I think, downloaded it 2 days ago)

The Coppermine/phpbb integration seems to work fine, but I have problems getting cmpfetch to work.

I have added the following to my homepage
Code: [Select]
include './cpmfetch/cpmfetch.php';
$objCpm = new cpm('/coppermine');
$objCpm->cpm_viewRandomMedia (1,4);
$objCpm->cpm_viewLastAddedMedia (2,4);
$objCpm->cpm_formatStats("Here is a percent sign %% There are %f files in %c categories containing %a albums, having served %v views and getting %n comments");

I get

The pics don't display but it gets the stats, which I assume means the cmpfetch installation is OK but there's something dodgy about my coppermine install??

Coppermine, phpbb2 and cmpfetch are all in discrete directories under the homepage, the cmpfetch test page shows all passes, and I've RTFM till my eyes nip.

I'm stumped!

I've not used the default table prefixes for Coppermine or phpbb2 but cmpfetch seems to pick these up from the config file so I don't think that's it.

Any help much appreciated

Joachim Müller

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Re: Coppermine, phpbb2 and cmpfetch Stats but no pics
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2005, 12:05:22 am »

cpmfetch comes as a mod. Mods are being supported on the thread that deal with it only. Re-post your question as a reply to
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