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Author Topic: Slideshow view = count per image, - with ''external' counter (bbclone)  (Read 3229 times)

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Hi all.

the following is for my 1.4.1 Beta version, - so bevare... :-) the CVS files are probably changed by now, but the idea might be usefull, even for a 1.3.x

I've read most of the messages regarding counting slideshow images as 'viewed', - and I have now made something that will allow BBCLONE to count the images viewed alongside Coppermine counting.

Basically I've followed the directions to have the title shown on the slideshow, - added the addpic in to have Coppermine count as well, - but in the 'title' in I use this :

Code: [Select]
$pfilename="<img src=\"bbclone_extern.php?page=".$picture['filename']."\">".$picture['filename'];
echo "Title[$i] = '" . $pfilename. "'\n"; 

thanx to some suggestions in the forum at

the file bbclone_extern.php contains :
Code: [Select]

//------ Counter ----------------------------------- 
$counter_text "slideBillede ".$page
if (
is_readable(COUNTER)) include_once(COUNTER); 

header("Content-Type: image/gif;"); 
header("Location: images/red.gif"); 


Only problem is that the 'red.gif' referenced in the bbclone_extern.php files only get's shown on every second image.. dunno why, - bit it count's the actual images being viewed, - not the entire row of images in the slideshow.

The above works with bbclone, - but the implementation, - with a call to a stand-alone php file could be uses to initiate all sorts of things.

Kim Igel.
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