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Author Topic: Cat mod  (Read 3253 times)

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Lucas Xavier

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Cat mod
« on: November 04, 2005, 09:27:30 pm »

 ;D I made a crack to help the owners of largest galleries like me.

Download this file and upload to path of gallery (be sure that you made a backup of the old file

Upload this simple page to path of gallery too.


To load fast the cat page, I removed the drop down menu and you can move on catmod.php the cats. Just looking the query string number (appear on adress bar)

Code: [Select]
And copy and paste on catmod.php form =)

be sure that you are logged to make the modifications!

Thanx people


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Re: Cat mod
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2005, 03:20:46 am »

So what you did was replaced:

Code: [Select]
echo ' <td class="tableb" width="4%">' . "\n" . cat_list_box($category['parent'], $category['cid']) . "\n" . '</td>' . "\n"; at line 212

to this

Code: [Select]
echo ' <td class="tableb" width="4%"></td>' . "\n";
and wrote a script...

I think it needs more explanation cause the files catmod.php has to be edited because you hardcoded parts like:

Code: [Select]
<form method="post" action="/gallery/catmgr.php?op=createcat">

Code: [Select]
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">
var Pic = new Array()

Pic[0] = 'images/nopic.jpg'
Pic[967] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_001%7E4.jpg'
Pic[981] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_001%7E5.jpg'
Pic[984] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_001%7E6.jpg'
Pic[968] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_002%7E3.jpg'
Pic[982] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_002%7E4.jpg'
Pic[985] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_002%7E5.jpg'
Pic[969] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_003%7E3.jpg'
Pic[983] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_003%7E4.jpg'
Pic[986] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_003%7E5.jpg'
Pic[970] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_004%7E1.jpg'
Pic[987] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_004%7E2.jpg'
Pic[971] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_005%7E0.jpg'
Pic[988] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_005%7E1.jpg'
Pic[972] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_006%7E2.jpg'
Pic[973] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_007%7E1.jpg'
Pic[974] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_008%7E1.jpg'
Pic[975] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_009%7E0.jpg'
Pic[976] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_010%7E0.jpg'
Pic[977] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_011.jpg'
Pic[978] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_012.jpg'
Pic[979] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_013.jpg'
Pic[980] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_014.jpg'
Pic[965] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_gwenstefani-beverlyhills1.jpg'
Pic[966] = 'albums/userpics/thumb_gwenstefani-beverlyhills2.jpg'
Pic[1046] = 'albums/candid/2005/mars/thumb_gwenstefani-mars1.jpg'
Pic[1054] = 'albums/candid/2005/mars/thumb_gwenstefani-mars10.jpg'
Pic[1056] = 'albums/candid/2005/mars/thumb_gwenstefani-mars11.jpg'
Pic[1055] = 'albums/candid/2005/mars/thumb_gwenstefani-mars12.jpg'
Pic[1057] = 'albums/candid/2005/mars/thumb_gwenstefani-mars13.jpg'
Pic[1045] = 'albums/candid/2005/mars/thumb_gwenstefani-mars2.jpg'
Pic[1047] = 'albums/candid/2005/mars/thumb_gwenstefani-mars3.jpg'
Pic[1048] = 'albums/candid/2005/mars/thumb_gwenstefani-mars4.jpg'
Pic[1050] = 'albums/candid/2005/mars/thumb_gwenstefani-mars5.jpg'
Pic[1049] = 'albums/candid/2005/mars/thumb_gwenstefani-mars6.jpg'
Pic[1051] = 'albums/candid/2005/mars/thumb_gwenstefani-mars7.jpg'
Pic[1052] = 'albums/candid/2005/mars/thumb_gwenstefani-mars8.jpg'
Pic[1053] = 'albums/candid/2005/mars/thumb_gwenstefani-mars9.jpg'

function ChangeThumb(index)
document.images.Thumb.src = Pic[index]

Just pasting a file without proper explanation is not likely to be used by less experienced users/programmers

Don't ask me: Can you do this .... or Give me that...or I need Quick help in PM's. I'm not Santaclaus so post your questions on the board so it will be in the benefit for everyone.
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