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Author Topic: Expand EXIF Manager to METADATA Manager  (Read 3560 times)

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Expand EXIF Manager to METADATA Manager
« on: August 09, 2005, 09:55:58 pm »

I've been working with a lot of images that have EXIF and IPTC data.  Storing information in the picture itself is smart since database changes and so forth can make for a mis-matched mess!  So, with that in mind, I started brainstorming how to expand the EXIF Manager into a METADATA Manager and what functions it should have.  Here are some ideas (broken up into areas of functionality)...

* Provide a link to the METADATA PANEL.

This would would be broken up into 2 main areas: *DISPLAY* and *UPLOAD*.

This would be very similar to the current EXIF DISPLAY PANEL, but would be broken up into 4 sections: FILE, IMAGE, EXIF, IPTC.  For the FILE section, the choices could be "Name", "Size", "Date Created", etc.  For the IMAGE section, the choices could be "Format/Type", "Width", "Height", "JPEG Comment", etc.  For the EXIF section, pretty much leave it as is,  though I think there are some values in newer cameras (such as GPS data?) not on the list.  For the IPTC section, the choices could be "Caption", "Headline", etc.  Along with individual selections, there should be a choice of 3 or 4 *sets*: "Default", "EXIF Only", "IPTC Only", etc.

This should provide settings for managing metadata on picture uploads.  Examples might be:
* Set picture database Keywords to ... -then a selection such as- ... IPTC Keywords, IPTC Caption Words, etc.
* Set picture database Title to ... -then a selection such as- ...EXIF Camera Model, IPTC Headline, IPTC Credits, etc.
* Set picture database Date to ... -then a selection-  //

On "Set picture database Date to...", I think it's important to include the choices "Most Recent Available" and "Oldest Available".  For these, ALL of the dates would be compared from File Date Created, File Date Changed, File Date Accessed, EXIF Date Taken, IPTC Date Created, etc; or perhaps the user could select a subset of date choices from a multi-selection box?

The file information section would work pretty much as it is now, with the following changes:
* Break up the information into sections: FILE, IMAGE, EXIF, IPTC.
* Provide a way (such as an additional button or link in the file information section) to view all of the metadata, either by section or as a complete list...perhaps a popup window?
* On Display/hide File Information click, page should "jump" to the file information section on Display.

* Apply to IPTC option. (This would, for example, set the database Description as the IPTC Caption.)
* Provide a link to EDIT AVAILABLE METADATA.

This would look very similar to the regular Edit File Information page, but would include a list of editable Metadata values (depending upon what PHP and other libraries can accomplish).  An "Apply to CPG database" option should also be available (as default?).

The functions here should simply mirror those in the METADATA PANEL > *UPLOAD* section, but apply the settings to all of the currently available pictures.  The functions should also work in reverse, such as taking database information and saving it into the pictures.

Based on my explorations of the current CPG CVS, I'm thinking the only "best" way to do this would be to strip out everything that has to do with metadata and consolidate the code as necessary.

Well, this is just a brainstorm and I appreciate feedback.  Thanks.
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Re: Expand EXIF Manager to METADATA Manager
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2005, 09:58:22 pm »

Off topic... I have a little Mod (unrelated) I'd like to post in the Modifications forum, but my priviledges do not allow me to post there...


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Re: Expand EXIF Manager to METADATA Manager
« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2005, 10:00:17 pm »

Post elsewhere and it will be moved in.


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Re: Expand EXIF Manager to METADATA Manager
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2005, 07:47:54 pm »

Sounds great to combine EXIF and IPTC data. I will then expect (hope for) the displayimage.php to use Metadata from the image instead of the "typed in data"  in the file data area..

When adding Metadata in the Metadata manager the data are stored in the image.

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