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Author Topic: Move image navigation  (Read 3673 times)

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Move image navigation
« on: August 07, 2005, 07:15:53 am »

Hi again.. another one...

I want to try and move the previous and next buttons so they are on either side of my image instead of the row above the image.  ie:

instead of:

<<             >>


i would like:

<<  **pic**   >>

here is a page in my site :

DO i have to alter the HTML templates  in the theme to do this?  Combine the template for image navigation bar with intermediate image display?

Code: [Select]
// HTML template for the image navigation bar
$template_img_navbar = <<<EOT
                <td align="left" style="padding-top:20px;">&laquo; <a href="{PREV_TGT}" title="{PREV_TITLE}">Previous Photo</a></td>
                <td align="right" style="padding-top:20px;"><a href="{NEXT_TGT}" title="{NEXT_TITLE}">Next Photo</a> &raquo;</td>
                <td colspan="2">
// HTML template for intermediate image display
$template_display_picture = <<<EOT
                <td align="center" class="tableb" height="{CELL_HEIGHT}" style="white-space: nowrap; padding: 0px;">
                        <table cellspacing="2" cellpadding="0" class="imageborder">
                                        <td align="center">

Am i barking in the right place?

I found a similar post.. however it went unanswered:

another option would to be have the previous + next link in the other nav bar with my album names in it (where the stats once were)  ... Home  >  Dogs                     << previous :  next > >

Is it possible to combine these templates in the theme or how would I go about this?

Thanks for any help... (probably Gau Gau or Nibbler)

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