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Author Topic: (help needed) how take some function off?  (Read 5862 times)

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(help needed) how take some function off?
« on: June 07, 2005, 03:03:21 pm »

hi everybody,
glad to have found this forum,cause i ve been looking for tips over the inet without any luck  :-\\
i ve hunt on the forum for tips i need,but couldn t find any  :\'(
this is my problem:
i ve installed coppermine that was included in my phpnuke version (good thing  ;D )
on the first page i want to take these menu off :
Album list ::  My gallery ::  User mode ::  Upload picture ::  Sortie [admin]
Last uploads :: Last comments :: Most viewed :: Top rated :: My Favorites :: Recherche :: HELP  and also the title of the website above.
and then i just want to have the albums displayed not the "las upload, last commented pics and others"
i ve been reading the files that make coppermine, i ve found the file with the href for the html menu but when i ve took them off, got general error cause they were needed by other files.
what is the solution for take all this off please?cause i am gettin despaired and i only have 2 days left for finish /mode worried ON
thx for your tips and help
best regards

Joachim Müller

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Re: (help needed) how take some function off?
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2005, 11:16:32 pm »

read the sticky on the board I moved your posting to.


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Vertical Navbar
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2005, 09:20:31 pm »

Hi, I really didn't know where to put this topic in, so I hope this wasn't too wrong...My question is if there is any way that I could change the horizontal Navigation Bar into an vertical one? I'm using the default theme, and the reason I want to change this is because I want the intermediate picture to fit into the window without having to scroll down to navigate to the next picture and without having to reduce the size of the intermediate picture...Any tips ? Thank your very much in advance


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Re: (help needed) how take some function off?
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2005, 09:36:19 pm »

There is no nuke support on these boards sorry.


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Re: (help needed) how take some function off?
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2005, 08:42:34 am »

Dear Comp
there is no help of phpnuke coppermine module available anymore.
some people creted this module and left the us on our own.

anyways here is your soulution, though its been a month, If you still need the answer, here you go.

open your "" file located in your modules>coppermine>themes>default (or any other theme you might be using)

comment out every line except "template_main_menu = '"
or just replace this code with yours

 $template_main_menu = '
                <span class="topmenu">
<!-- BEGIN album_list -->
<!--                      <a href="'. $CPG_M_URL .'" title="'.ALB_LIST_TITLE.'">'.ALB_LIST_LNK.'</a> ::  -->
<!-- END album_list -->
<!-- BEGIN my_gallery -->
<!--                      <a href="'. $CPG_M_URL .'&cat='.$my_gallery_id.'" title="'.MY_GAL_TITLE.'">'.MY_GAL_LNK.'</a> ::  -->
<!-- END my_gallery -->
<!-- BEGIN my_profile -->
<!--                     <a href="'.USERPROF_URL.'" title="'.MY_PROF_LNK.'">'.MY_PROF_LNK.'</a> ::  -->
<!-- END my_profile -->
<!-- BEGIN enter_admin_mode -->
<!--                    <a href="'. $CPG_URL .'&file=switchmode&admin_mode=1&referer='.$REFERER.'" title="'.ADM_MODE_TITLE.'">'.ADM_MODE_LNK.'</a> ::  -->
<!-- END enter_admin_mode -->
<!-- BEGIN leave_admin_mode -->
<!--                    <a href="'. $CPG_URL .'&file=switchmode&admin_mode=0&referer='.$REFERER.'" title="'.USR_MODE_TITLE.'">'.USR_MODE_LNK.'</a> ::  -->
<!-- END leave_admin_mode -->
<!-- BEGIN upload_pic -->
<!--                    <a href="'. $CPG_URL .'&file=upload" title="'.UPL_PIC_TITLE.'">'.UPL_PIC_LNK.'</a> ::
<!-- END upload_pic -->
<!-- BEGIN register -->
                        <a href="'.NEWUSER_URL.'" title="'.REGISTER_TITLE.'">'.REGISTER_LNK.'</a> ::
<!-- END register -->
<!-- BEGIN login -->
<!--                    <a href="'.LOGIN_URL.'">'.LOGIN_LNK.'</a>   -->
<!-- END login -->
<!-- BEGIN logout -->
<!--                    <a href="'.LOGOUT_URL.'">'.LOGOUT_LNK.'</a>    -->
<!-- END logout -->
<!-- BEGIN meta_links -->
<!-- Comment out the default navigation menu
                        <a href="'. $CPG_URL .'&file=thumbnails&album=lastup'.META_LNK.'" title="'.LASTUP_TITLE.'">'.LASTUP_LNK.'</a> ::
                        <a href="'. $CPG_URL .'&file=thumbnails&album=lastcom'.META_LNK.'" title="'.LASTCOM_TITLE.'">'.LASTCOM_LNK.'</a> ::
                        <a href="'. $CPG_URL .'&file=thumbnails&album=topn'.META_LNK.'"  title="'.TOPN_TITLE.'">'.TOPN_LNK.'</a> ::
                        <a href="'. $CPG_URL .'&file=thumbnails&album=toprated'.META_LNK.'"   title="'.TOPRATED_TITLE.'">'.TOPRATED_LNK.'</a> :: 
                        <a href="'. $CPG_URL .'&file=thumbnails&album=favpics" title="'.FAV_TITLE.'">'.FAV_LNK.'</a> <br />
                        <a href="'. $CPG_URL .'&file=search" title="'.SEARCH_TITLE.'">'.SEARCH_LNK.'</a> ::
                        <a title="HELP?" class="helplink" href="'. $CPG_URL .'&file=help">'.HELP_LNK.'</a>
<!-- END meta_links -->

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