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CPG Release 1.6.26
Correct PHP8.2 issues with user and language managers.
Additional fixes for PHP 8.2
Correct PHP8 error with SMF 2.0 bridge.
Correct IPTC supplimental category parsing.
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Author Topic: User-sync between Postnuke and Coppermine  (Read 4778 times)

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User-sync between Postnuke and Coppermine
« on: June 29, 2005, 06:34:40 pm »


i tried to solve this with reading existing Threads in this Forum. But there is no solution for me.

I am using:

Suse Linux 9.0
Apache 2
PHP 4.3.10
MySql 4

Postnuke 0.750
pnCPG 2.5
CPG 1.33

I installed the CPG 1.33 and the pnCPG 2.5 on my Postnuke (like in the docs). It works fine!

The only thing which doesnt work is the User-sync. When a New User registers, login and klick on the gallery,
the user is NOT in the Coppermine-User-Database!

When i klick the sync-option in the Postnuke-Admin-Menu ist works fine. All users are in the Database.

This is making me mad....

I tried several things:

I installed Postnuke local with xampp....
I tried different directories and prefixes...
I tried version 2.6 of pnCPG...
But the same Problem!

My pnCPG config is saved there (as jpg):

Thanks for help...



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Re: User-sync between Postnuke and Coppermine
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2005, 11:10:38 pm »

Leave the last 3 entries of the config empty but do fill in the physical path to the postnuke root.
This should not be like "http" but something like "/wwwroot/Postnuke/"

Then try again.



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Re: User-sync between Postnuke and Coppermine
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2005, 02:02:05 pm »

Thanks for the answer Cas!

The html-directory  is the wwwroot! My Postnuke-Install is in there.
There is the /Subdomain/cpg/ with my Coppermine Install there

I tried the complete Server-Path:

/srv/www/htdocs/web0/html/ <- For Postnuke
/srv/www/htdocs/web0/html/subdomains/cpg/ <- For Coppermine


/    (its directly in the wwwroot)  <- For Postnuke
/subdomains/cpg <- For Coppermine

and <- For Postnuke <- For Coppermine

The manual User-sync DOES WORK! so I think the paths in my config are OK!???

I left the last 3 entries empty (tried with and without the entries). No difference...

There is really a Problem, as you have seen i tried it with a New Postnuke 0.750 Install only with pnCPG!
Local with PHP4 and 5! And on the server with different paths etc...

It would be great if we can find a solution....  :-[
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